IN PICTURES: Walcott-branded Arsenal jeans

The Walcott branded Arsenal jeans
Jeans… Created (Image: Duval Timothy via Twitter/ProudGoonerAFC)

If you’re a big Gunners fan, you’ll want to get your hands on a pair of these fantastic Walcott-branded Arsenal jeans.

Complete with team badge, Nike Swoosh and “Fly Emirates” sponsorship across the crotch, the trousers were created by big fan Duval Timothy.

The Arsenal jeans feature a high navy waist, they’re coloured white on the top half and red on the bottom. Navy and red horizontal stripes complete the end of the legs.

See the trousers in all their glory, full view below:

Walcott-branded Arsenal jeans (full view)
(Image: Duval Timothy via Who Ate all the Pies)

Wearing these you’ll be easy to spot, turn them over and you’ll see “WALCOTT” with the number 14 branded across the behind. Maybe Theo will even complete the prophecy and sign your bum.

Unfortunately not yet available to buy in the club shop or anywhere else – hopefully we’ll see them in stores soon.

More images of the garish garment are available on Duval Timothy’s Flickr account.

Arsenal jeans? They are horrible……! twitter.com/ProudGoonerAFC…

— Arsenal’s Philosophy (@ProudGoonerAFC) June 11, 2013

Spotted by @ProudGoonerAFC via Who Ate all the Pies