IN PICTURES: John Motson’s glasses

See institutional football commentator John Motson's big, blue-rimmed pair of glasses.

See institutional football commentator John Motson’s glasses that feature a large, blue rim.

Combined with a bit of a new look for the legendary sports presenter, as Motty appeared on the BBC this weekend, the internet was awash with talk of his big, fancy pair of blue specs.

See our small collection of the best pictures of John Motson’s glasses below:

Has John Motson been going to Sue Pollard's opticians? He's got little hands. pic.twitter.com/RAXEXCI0hw

— James McIntyre (@GammonBaron) October 19, 2013

When did John Motson join the Buggles? pic.twitter.com/s2IX5y2xQx

— James Hislop (@JJHislop) October 19, 2013

When did John Motson turn into a midget Christopher Biggins? pic.twitter.com/Rs0Xpqa3mo

— Calvin Bananas (@OneMattGaines) October 19, 2013

Any idea WTF has happened to John Motson? Looks like a hybrid of David Hockney & Deidre Barlow. #footballfocus pic.twitter.com/DnWyjfZgDz

— Andy Bowman (@bowmani19) October 19, 2013

John Motson looks like Reg Holdsworth these days. pic.twitter.com/mj3pOaBres

— Joe Tennant (@joe10ant) October 19, 2013

John Motson WTF? #FootballFocus  pic.twitter.com/4uTBYlK5IR

— Charlie Messenger (@Zoggers87) October 19, 2013

It appears the spectacles may have been spotted as far back as August 18th though:

What is going on with John Motson's specs? Looks like a dodgy Elton John tribute act #rocketman pic.twitter.com/2dVGd9cXuS

— Greg Young, Ph.D. (@docyoungy) August 31, 2013

And, apparently, this photo was taken in February 2008:

BLUE & BIG: John Motson's glasses
Blue and big… Glasses (Image: gordonflood)