HSV funerals offered in Hamburg with variety of optional extras

Request the players sign your coffin and have the stadium announcer read a eulogy.

HSV funerals are being offered in Hamburg

Offered “forever and ever”, fans in Hamburg can now get their own HSV funerals.

Both coffins and urns can be buried in semi-circles in the club-themed graveyard, with monuments, gravestones and burial sites decorated in the German team’s colours at the deceased’s request.

There are no set packages and apparently an HSV funeral doesn’t have to cost any more than any other funeral service.

The providers say:

Each fan is different, so everyone is also entitled to his personal farewell.

Interested parties can download a handy questionnaire with a series of relevant queries about the type of service they would like when their time comes, including whether they’d like some of the players to sign the coffin and if it’s their wish to be buried in the HSV team shirt.

You can even request the stadium announcer read a eulogy and ask for the fixtures list to be taken into account when booking the most appropriate day for your funeral.

And you want your ashes contained in an urn shaped like a football with the club crest on it? No problem.

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