Henri Lansbury: “I like dogs more than women”

"... and trust me, I like women."

Henri Lansbury likes dogs more than women
DOG LOVER: Lansbury (Image: James Cumberpatch)

Nottingham Forest’s Henri Lansbury has spoken of his love for dogs and how he plans to open a dogs’ home when he retires.

The 26-year-old former Arsenal midfielder told The Sun newspaper that he is “looking to the future now” and “cleaning up the poo doesn’t bother me”.

Here’s Lansbury’s comments in full:

I like dogs more than women, and trust me, I like women.

I’d rather stay in with my two dogs on a Saturday night than go out with my mates clubbing – one million per cent.

It’s the way they greet you when you get in. Whether or not you have had a good or bad day, played well, won or had a stinker, they make you feel on top of the world.

Cleaning up the poo doesn’t bother me.

Although when you put that plastic bag over your hand and reach down to the grass it can easily stretch to a couple of handfuls.

But they’re like my babies. I haven’t got a girlfriend at the moment. I don’t really need one. Dogs don’t nag you for a start.

I would like my own kids eventually, of course, but any woman would have to like my dogs first.

That’s a must. I’m already talking to people about setting up a dogs’ home when I retire. I will own a kennels one day and I’ll be so happy.

I’m definitely going to do it. I’m looking to the future now.

I’ll muck in and do all the dirty work with it because I just love dogs so much.

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