TWEETS: Grimsby Town fan to name son after top goalscorer Pádraig Amond

World waits to welcome "little baby Pádraig".

A Grimsby Town fan is to name his son after top goalscorer Pádraig Amond

A Grimsby Town fan is set to name his son after the side’s top goalscorer Pádraig Amond, if his girlfriend goes into labour within the next twenty-four hours.

National League top scorer Amond has already netted 32 times this season in a remarkable promotion-challenging campaign for the Irish striker.

And one Grimsby supporter hopes to be able to name his child “little baby Pádraig”, “if [his partner] goes into labour in the next 24 hours”, “in honour of the great man”.

Also a Town fan, the baby’s uncle tweeted details of the promise, to which the team and Amond were then alerted:

@officialgtfc My baby nephew needs to make an appearance now to make his dad and uncle, two happy town fans #gtfc 🙈🙈 pic.twitter.com/5HsQrpyyDS

— Si (@SiJohnners) April 19, 2016

@padraigamond21 https://t.co/MwUd63oyFc

— Grimsby Town FC (@officialgtfc) April 19, 2016

😂😂 that's mad https://t.co/444pihM72n

— Padraig Amond (@padraigamond21) April 19, 2016