Go behind the scenes in Reading FC documentary: #BuildEvolveSucceed

John Madejski in Reading FC documentary: #BuildEvolveSucceed
John Madejski… Keen to participate (Image: YouTube/OfficialReadingFC)

#BuildEvolveSucceed is a new Reading FC documentary that has been released with behind the scenes footage from the club.

The hour-long programme, published on Reading’s official YouTube channel, covers the final 10 weeks of the club’s Premier League 2012/13 campaign as they faced the prospect of relegation and an instant return to the Championship next season.

It charts the team’s preparation for “the future” and has been generally well received by fans, if the YouTube comments are anything to go by.

The revealing and in-depth video includes “exclusive interviews” and encourages the viewer to take “a close look at life at Madejski Stadium”.

Watch the new Reading FC documentary, #BuildEvolveSucceed, below:

#BuildEvolveSucceed credits include:

Lead Producer: Mervyn Leslie
Assistant Producer: Ross Jeavons
Consultant Producer: Nick Geltner
Assistant Editor: Mark Bradley
Camera: Lloyd Cook, Matthew Jones, Bilal Salli, Matt Dodd

Concept: Craig Mortimer-Zhika

Music: Autoheart; Shoals, Thomas Marek

Reading Football Club describe the video simply as:

Exclusive documentary on Reading Football Club as they prepare for the future.
Go behind the scenes, see exclusive interviews and a close look at life at Madejski Stadium.