Gazza revealed all about his arrival at the scene of the Raoul Moat siege with chicken and a fishing rod
(Image: Police handout)

Gazza reveals all about his Raoul Moat siege arrival

Reportedly snorted 14 lines of cocaine and gathered his belongings before calling a cab.

Gazza revealed all about his arrival at the scene of the Raoul Moat siege with chicken and a fishing rod
(Image: Police handout)

Paul Gascoigne has revealed that he snorted fourteen lines of cocaine the night he arrived on the scene as police closed in on gunman Raoul Moat in 2010.

Moat shot his ex-girlfriend, killed her new boyfriend and blinded traffic cop David Rathband before going on the run.

A massive manhunt ended with Moat cornered by police in Rothbury, where Gascoigne later unexpectedly turned up with chicken and a fishing rod asking to speak to the accused.

An exclusive in The Sun gives us the full story after Gazza told all to a £30-a-head audience at Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre on Sunday.

The legendary England midfielder reportedly said:

You’ve got to realise I’m half cut anyway, sitting in the living room, I’ve got about six lines lined up.

I’m not realising much, but a good line and me and Raoul Moat are sort of friends. A couple more lines and we are good buddies.

A few whiskies, another few lines, I’ve had about eight lines and we went to school together.

He was in Rothbury, that’s where I used to go fishing so I know the area quite well.

I’m on my 11th line so if he’s in the woods he’s going to be cold, I’ll get my Barbour out.

Another line and I have a couple of fishing rods and a chicken. He’s going to need a drink. I’ve had 14 lines now and he’s my brother.

I’ve got my fishing rods, I’ve got Barbour jacket, I’ve got my four cans, I’ve got my chicken. My chicken is important because he must be starving.

So Gazza booked a taxi and apparently got in “with his face covered in white powder”, telling the driver:

Just drive. Ten o’clock, taxi for Gascoigne.

He continued:

I’ve got a chicken on my back, powder all over my face.

He says, “Gazza where are you going?” I said fishing, where do you think? He said “OK then, where?” I said just drive.

I’m excited now right, we are going fishing. Oh, I’ve forgot the tent, but never mind.

We drove past Newcastle, the airport and everything and see signs for Rothbury.

He went “Oh f*** me Gazza are you going where I think you’re going?” I went “Yeah!” You should have seen him, he was shaking.

I said “Just drop me off and wait for me, I won’t be long, I can help him.” I’ve been to rehab so many times I’m a connoisseur.

But as soon as he got out of the cab, the former player was approached by a police officer who informed him that he could not go any further because of the cordon that had been put in place around the incident:

This copper comes over. He said, “Where are you going, Gazza?” I said, “I can help him, I’ve been to therapy.”

He said “Just go home.” I was devastated because my chicken was getting cold. So anyway I make it back home, I fall asleep with a bottle of whisky.

You know in the morning when you panic the first thing you do is look at your mobile.

I’ve got 250 missed calls, I was like – what have I done? I’ve got a chicken by my side, fishing rods, a Barbour, I’m like f*** me I must have done something.

I turn on Sky News – Paul Gascoigne was there last night.