FK Drina Zvornik manager Vladica Petrovic learnt he'd been sacked on Facebook
(Image: RomanLier)

FK Drina Zvornik manager learns he’s been sacked on Facebook

Now former manager of Bosnia and Herzegovina side was the first comment.

The FK Drina Zvornik manager learns he's been sacked on Facebook and posts the first comment
SACKED ON FACEBOOK: Manager (Image: Facebook)

The Bosnia and Herzegovina Premier Liga side FK Drina Zvornik’s, now former, manager learnt that he had been sacked by the club following an announcement on their official Facebook page.

The bottom of the table team apparently forgot to inform Vladica Petrovic of his dismissal before he discovered the post on the social networking site.

Quick to react, the first comment was Petrovic saying:


… before liking the next comment that informed the club it was:

About time

The original Facebook post has since been deleted.