FC Seoul 'accidentally' used sex dolls to replace fans in stadium

FC Seoul ‘accidentally’ use sex dolls to replace fans in stadium

Insists they were "premium mannequins".

2016 K League winners FC Seoul inadvertently used sex dolls rather than fashion mannequins to help fill empty stands this weekend. The club has apologised. Both the club and the supplier are pointing fingers at others. (It's not just COVID-19 you need to avoid catching!) #kleague pic.twitter.com/59rSU8XxYL

— Devon Rowcliffe (@WhoAteTheSquid) May 17, 2020

South Korean side FC Seoul have apologised for using sex dolls to replace fans in the stands for Sunday’s 1-0 K League 1 win over Gwangju.

Despite insisting they were “premium mannequins”, the club did concede that they were produced by a manufacturer of sex toys.

what's the difference between the two when they are sitting in a football stand?

— Stephen Waddell (@the48clubkorea) May 18, 2020

Some of them were even carrying advertisements for illicit websites, even though pornography is illegal in the country.

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, South Korea became the first nation in the world to resume top flight football.

In the match itself, a 65th minute goal from midfielder Han Chan-hee was enough to secure a victory for the home side.