A daughter scored an own goal in order to get a McDonald's meal

Dad recounts daughter scoring an own goal in order to get a McDonald’s

Mother says "an own goal counts".

A moment where all I could think of is this would be perfect for @MenInBlazers Why did I not video this? pic.twitter.com/uvnF2s81vm

— Kurt Shepherd (@kshepmt) May 7, 2020

A proud dad shared a reminder he received of when his daughter scored an own goal so she would get treated to a McDonald’s meal after the game.

Father-of-two Kurt Shepherd had apparently promised the child a trip to the fast-food restaurant if she managed to score in the damp conditions.

@MenInBlazers went with @Grizchick9378 to get MJ her first kit. Had to take her picture with her patch. #BetterThanSubOptimal #2035WWC? pic.twitter.com/xsx8RxMkfJ

— Kurt Shepherd (@kshepmt) March 21, 2017

In the second-half, ‘MJ’ is said to have deliberately fired the ball into her own net from ten yards out in just her second-ever match.

It’s claimed that her mum had said that “an own goal counts”.