Chelsea sack Mellis and fine Clifford for smoke bombing the training ground

Jacob Mellis has been sacked by Chelsea after setting off a smoke bomb at Chelsea's training ground
Mellis... Smokin' (Image: Amarhgil)

Young Chelsea starlets Jacob Mellis and Billy Clifford have learned their fate at a disciplinary hearing after being suspended by the club on the 2nd of March.

Clifford smuggled the smoke grenade in, then Mellis let it off in the reserve team dressing room at the Cobham ground shortly before training was due to start at 10:30am. The fire alarms were set off and a full scale evacuation procedure was put into motion.

The resulting smoke caused players, officials and staff alike to run from the building in terror, covering their faces from the dense smoke.

Chelsea’s very own fire marshals (who knew?) were brought in, but it was more than an hour before anyone could return to the building.

Jacob Mellis has been sacked by Chelsea and told he has no future at the club while Billy Clifford has escaped with a fine.

Owner Roman Abramovich was told of the incident and is said to be “furious”, especially since this is simply the latest in a string of unwelcome incidents at Cobham including the find of a knife described as “something out of a Rambo film” and Ashley Cole infamously shooting a intern in the leg with an air rifle.