Bojan wins Stoke City bake off

Is declared Star Baker by The Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood.

Bojan wins Stoke City bake off after being declared Star Baker by Paul Hollywood
JUDGED: Hollywood (Image: Tim Fields)

Bojan Krkić has won a Stoke City baking competition after being declared ‘Star Baker’ by The Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood.

The former Barcelona youngster defeated team-mates Marc Muniesa and Joselu in front of 300 people at the annual event which was reorganised this year to feature three baking categories rather than the traditional starter, main course and dessert.

Showing our cooking skills at the Battle of the Bakers! #scfc #potters pic.twitter.com/OfEtfa8J5q

— Bojan Krkic (@BoKrkic) September 15, 2015

It didn’t sound like a complete success as Hollywood commented:

The three lads were alright to be fair to them – considering none of them have done this sort of thing, under my scrutiny, before.

Bojan was a worthy winner in the end; I think he did quite well. To be honest, he didn’t technically bake it at the end but his style and finesse was enough to see him edge the other two guys out at the end.

Anybody who puts something in front of me to be judged deserves credit, because it takes guts. I think they all did well but Bojan was the best out of a relatively hideous bunch.

Bojan crowned Paul Hollywood's 'star baker' at tonight's Battle of the Bakers event http://t.co/Yct7q7bjjD #scfc pic.twitter.com/MNBt1QaEjo

— Stoke City FC (@stokecity) September 15, 2015

Not to be fazed though, the winner declared:

It’s fantastic to be named as the Star Baker, especially having come up against my two Spanish team-mates.

I was asked whether I thought I could win it before the event and I said that I was pretty confident. You never know what the other guys are capable of, but thankfully the inspiration from my grandmother’s food back home in Spain has helped me along.

Whether it is football or any other contest it is always good to come out on top. The others produced nice cakes too, but I do think mine was the best, and thankfully, the judges agreed with me!

Proud to win the Battle of the Bakers, really enjoyed the challenge! Anyone would've been a fair winner! 😉 pic.twitter.com/ouYj92aD0Z

— Bojan Krkic (@BoKrkic) September 16, 2015