Antonio Valencia nude photos allegedly sent to two women by midfielder

Manchester United player alleged to have been sexting two women.

Antonio Valencia sexting allegations appeared in The Sun on Sunday
(Image: Julia Novikova/Soccer.ru)

Allegations that Antonio Valencia nude photos were sent to two different women by the married Manchester United star appeared in a British newspaper this weekend.


The Ecuadorian international is said to have sent pictures of his genitals to ‘beautician’ Katy Latham as well as a 20-year-old student he communicated with on social media.

29-year-old Valencia is wedded to Zoila Meneses and the couple have an eight-year-old daughter together, named Domenica.

Latham reportedly told The Sun on Sunday:

When I looked him up and saw he has a wife and a child I just thought he was a disgusting creep.

I feel like all he wants is sex — nothing else. That’s what he expects. And I don’t want that.

The first time he messaged me, he said, ‘Hay amor’, which means ‘My love’ in Spanish.

He said I was beautiful and was asking me to send him pictures.

His messages were all in Spanish because, despite living here eight years, his English is rubbish.

Some of his messages were dirty.

He made it clear he wanted to see naked pictures of my private parts.

We were just messaging and then, completely out of the blue, he sent me a picture of his willy.

I couldn’t believe it. He’d contacted me a few hours earlier and had a big match next day. But that was the last thing on his mind.

He sent me photos any time of day. I’ve lost count of the number I’ve received — and I haven’t asked for them once.

He usually texted, ‘Hay amor’ followed by a photo of his willy.

He comes across as a creep. I think he must do it to more women — I’m sure I’m not the only one.

He kept saying he wanted to fly me to Manchester and book a hotel. But then I looked him up and found out he has a wife.

I asked him if he has a wife or a girlfriend and he just replied, ‘Hmmmmm’. I did find it suspicious he kept talking about going to a hotel and not his place, but when I read about Zoila and their daughter it all fell into place.

He has reputation as a family man. The pictures of his willy are not attractive, they are disgusting and vile. All he mentions is sex, nothing else. That’s what he expects. And I don’t want that.

What he’s doing is wrong on so many levels. He uses a picture of his wife and daughter on his Instagram profile — but if you love and respect someone you don’t do this. I’d tell other women to avoid him.

An unnamed student has also claimed to have received similar naughty nude snaps from the player after she sent him a congratulatory message on Facebook upon United’s Premier League title win in 2013.

He reportedly sent her a message in Spanish:

Don’t come to my house because my wife is here. We will meet at a hotel.

… and responded to one enquiry as to the whereabouts of his wife and daughter in broken English:

Family is my love and in Ecuador alone you come to the hotel.

Followed by a picture of his penis alongside the romantic caption:

Sorry this is the last of me, do you like it?

The student seemed unimpressed:

He’s using social media with me behind his wife’s back.

You would not expect it of him because he has a kid, is quiet, religious, and has a reputation for being a clean-living family man.

He’s a real scumbag. He will message me begging me to meet him and then go quiet for weeks and months at a time.

When I first started messaging him and he replied, I thought it was pretty cool to be speaking to a footballer — especially as he’s my favourite player.

But he showed no concern whether he destroyed his family home or not.

The paper states that neither Katy nor the student ever met with Valencia and the midfielder has denied sending Antonio Valencia nude photos to the women:

Pictures? I’ve not sent any pictures.

I have nothing to say. I have a wife.

Manchester United have apparently refused requests to comment.


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