Andros Townsend’s girlfriend mistakes FM fine for real life

Spurs and England winger shares amusement with cult football management simulator.

Andros Townsend's girlfriend mistook this Football Manager fine for real life
FAKE: Fine (Image: Twitter/Andros Townsend)

Andros Townsend’s girlfriend mistook computer game Football Manager for real life when she quizzed him about a fine he’d appeared to receive for missing training.

The Spurs and England winger was initially confused by her text, then mightily amused once the penny had dropped…

Andros Townsend girlfriend text
(Image: Twitter/Andros Townsend)

Townsend even took to Twitter to share the delightful misunderstanding with the official Football Manager account…

@FootballManager do you wanna tell her or shall I? @Hazelosullivan1 pic.twitter.com/3GkgMEgiMy

— andros townsend (@andros_townsend) September 18, 2015

.@andros_townsend @Hazelosullivan1 Think we'll leave this one to you mate

— Football Manager (@FootballManager) September 18, 2015