Take a look at Alexis Sánchez's dogs' Instagram account
INSTAGRAM FOR DOGS? OK, mate (Image: Gobierno de Chile)

Alexis Sánchez’s dogs’ Instagram account set up by player

Follow for updates on Atom and Humber.


Lunes de trabajo monday's work ☺️

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Now you can follow Alexis Sánchez’s dogs’ Instagram for updates on Atom and Humber after the Arsenal star set up an account for the pair.

A new profile has been created for his beloved animals after he was perhaps informed too much of his own profile was cluttered with photos of the duo.

Adivinen el intruso ¿? guess the intruder

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And this is just a sample of the terrific doggy content you can expect when the creative midfielder’s not scoring goals or providing assists for his team.

Check out Alexis Sánchez’s dogs’ Instagram, atomhumberoficia1, for yourself.

Amor Verdadero ❤️❤️True love

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