Wolves fans call for Solbakken to be given more time

Jonny ForumerWho cares what a bunch of disinterested hacks have to say when you can get the skinny direct from those to whom it matters most? Well, good news – Football Burp’s very own Jonny Forumer, lurker extraordinaire, is here to collate choice message board analysis so you can get the lowdown from the people who really know what they’re on about. Take it away, Jonny…

Morning folks, Jonny Forumer signing in. Saturday’s 2-1 defeat at Watford left Wolverhampton Wanderers languishing towards the bottom of the Championship, so I hotfooted it on over to online joint Wolves Forum expecting to find the Molineux faithful tearing Norwegian manager Ståle Solbakken a new one. To their credit, however, the majority preferred to take what Brendan Rodgers might refer to as “the helicopter view” – but let’s start with a bit of criticism in the interests of balance…

Wolves boss Stale Solbakken
Solbakken… Not gone Stale (Img: Stig Ove Voll)

The Saturday Boy…

He turned up at a club hat had spent 3 years in the premier league and has an academy set up amongst the very best in the land. Subsequently he has spent millions on new players who are considered by most to be good quality players and he is putting out a team that is predictable, slow, prone to defensive frailties and barely competitive.

manhattan project…

I am all for giving Solbakken time, but the fact is that we are getting worse each week. He must sort this rubbish out. When he joined Wolves everyone thought it was like the second coming. Yet we are miles off where the better teams in this league are. What exactly goes on in training?
Luckily for us we are a few points above the relegation zone. But for how much longer. We need to start winning, and we need Solbakken to change this boring Hoddle-esque style. It isn’t working, and it’s boring.

North West Wanderer…

It’s all very well pleading for patience if we can see some element of progression. Mick got accused of being a tactical dinosaur. I’ve seen next to nothing to suggest Stàle is anything different.

By all means we have to give him time. But I’m very very concerned. This season to me is a write off.

I’m disappointed he won’t pick the system to fit the players at his disposal. The whole thing smacks of Hoddle esque management.


We could probably play a similar style as to when Mick was here and be in the top 2 or 3 but then if we got promoted we would be in the same boat of having a style that will just have us struggling to survive. This is about establishing a style, figuring out which players that were already here can play that way and slowly replace the ones that can’t, it will take time as it obviously is doing because we have a lot of tryers here right now rather than intelligent footballers but when it does start to work we should be in a better place to get promoted and stay there.

I will freely admit it might take longer than fans, players and the board are willing to give Stale or it might not ever work even if allowed the time but atleast give it a season or a season and a bit before saying that the club have $#@!ed up the appointment and that the style doesn’t work.


We could’ve gone for continuity and appointed someone more in the mould of Mick who’s football would’ve been more suited to this squad but if they want to go in a different direction, rightfully so in my opinion, then they have to give that man time and money to mould the squad to fit his style, if they were prepared to give him that time and money then they wouldn’t have made such a radical change surely? I dont get why you think it’ll take so much money either, did you see any of the MK Dons game last night? They knocked it around fairly well and i dont recall seeing many headlines about them breaking the bank to get there, we’ll find players to suit this system better than those Mick left behind and it wont cost Sheikh money to do so.


Personally, I am disappointed that the players we have don’t appear to be able to grasp the system we’re trying to play. My expectations for the season have certainly changed since August and its looking more and more unlikely that we’ll be amongst the pace setters.

But I really want to see Ståle get a couple of full transfer windows behind him to see who he can bring in – players that know what he’s trying to do (only Peszko has played for him before) and can help his teammates adapt accordingly.

We all want to see the team play well and pick up results but if its going to take a while to get the team to play as the manager wants, I’m willing to wait until he’s got the players he wants in order to achieve it.

Anyway, still a long, long way to go.


We had played a system that fits the players already at the club for for the past 6 years, I thought we wanted a change from that? Noboy ever said things would click overnight. I dont think you can blame the manager IF there are a large number of players that are unable to adapt. If its the manager thats the problem we will find out in due course, too soon right now to tell.

I assume you didnt follow Wolves during the Hoddle era so strange that you are making that comparison really. The guy wants to be here for a start.

I just dont know what people were expecting, we knew the players left behind were limited.

Norman Deeley…

Let’s start with a few simple facts.

1. SS isn’t going to get sacked. He’s Morgan’s appointment and he will be given time. Even if we were relegated this season, I’d venture that he wouldn’t be sacked
2. We won’t be relegated
3. The Wolves team that was relegated last season was – by the end of the season – close to the worst team ever to be in the Premiership. Take out Kightley, Jarvis and Fletcher, replace them with Sako and Doumbia yesterday and that is still a very poor team
4. Worst in the Prem does not equal automatic challenging for promotion in the Championship


1. Does SS have a long term vision for what he wants to achieve? Yes
2. Is he intelligent? Yes
3. Have his signings so far been good? Yes
4. Is he trying to completely overhaul the way we play and do this with someone else’s players? Yes
5. Is he trying to create a style of play that will establish us in the Premiership? Yes
6. Will it take time? Yes.

For goodness sake – just remember that Alex Ferguson was once one game away from the sack at Man Utd and that hasn’t turned out so badly.


For me, Solbakken needs time and patience from the fans, everyone knows that it’s extremely frustrating seeing us not picking up points, and it is annoying, because we should be performing miles better, but the spine of that team, are still suffering from last season, confidence wise I mean, it’s hard to shake that off as a player, yeah they should be built of more sterner stuff, not to mention that it’s a new manager, new players, 2 of which are broken, he wasn’t exactly gonna come in, sign 11 new players, play the style he wants straight away and have us table topping the division with every game a win, things take time, it’s easy enough saying ‘oh yeah, let’s get rid of all the deadwood, sign some new players’, it’s making that happen, he knows what he’s doing, he’s proved that with the signings of Peszko/Doumbia/Sako, why not wait until he’s done the rest of his business in January, given the new players (if we sign any, which I fully expect to happen) to bed in, and let Stale see what he can do then, no point saying ‘oh yeah he’s come in, he’s got the resources already) because well, he hasn’t, a new style of play for players that aren’t used to it, is difficult to play, he wants players to close down, how often did we do that under Mick? He needs the players that he thinks will fit his system before it’ll start to work. It’s like that with everything, so being so demanding now is just unfair on him imo.

Deutsch Wolf…

He’s powerless in as much as while the current first XI is performing poorly, there are precious few capable alternatives available to him to change things around. Partly because of the squad he inherited and the lack of time he had to fix that, partly because of injuries. How much difference would it make if we could currently have O’Hara, Boukari and Peszko available? Highly possible all three of them would be in the team, add Henry who is also unavailable at present and that’s an entire new midfield.


I’m not a particularly big O’Hara fan but I think with Solbakkens way of playing O’Hara could cause some serious damage to teams in the championship. I could see us playing with just one up front and O’Hara in ‘the hole’ behind him.
When is he supposed to be fit again?

Are you in support of Solbakken’s management, Wolves fans? Have your say in the comments section below…