Wigan Athletic fans purring as front three clicks to dismantle Reading

DW Stadium
DW Stadium… Wig gonna win the cup! (Img: Terry Robinson)

Wigan Athletic looked back to their end-of-season best in Saturday’s 3-0 win at Reading, so Football Burp visited online Latics communities Wiganer.net, Cockney Latic and This Northern Soul to see what the DW Stadium had to say about master escapologist Roberto Martinez and his side…

Wigan Athletic fans react to 3-0 win at Reading

tommy_wafc, Wiganer.net

Was great to see Kone, Maloney and Di Santo combining so well again. Just before the ACN, they were starting to blossom into a very good trio and causing teams problems and getting us goals. We looked lost in January and February when that trio was broken down as we missed Kone’s pace and power to compliment Di Santo’s work rate and Maloney’s footwork.

Hopefully we can have a bit of luck on the injury front, as we deserve some. Keep these 3 fit. Alcaraz and Lopez returning to give us more much needed options in CD and the impressive form of Golobart in the Cup to give us more competition for places.

With McManaman, Henriquez and soon Miyaichi available, all are good options to bring on for the last 20 minutes with them all having pace and trickery to stretch defences.

After an injury ravaged 3/4 months, we’re looking a lot stronger now. Hopefully we can build some momentum after these results the past week.

Old_Wolf, This Northern Soul

Close to a must-win game and we did. For about the first time this season, I can watch us on Football First without the danger of bursting into tears. I didn’t really see much of the second half as the streams I had were either non-existent or as jumpy as a girl near Oscar Pistorius. The first half was pretty even with us taking the first ten minutes and last ten minutes and Reading the middle spell, but we looked more dangerous and the two goals just before the break really knocked the stuffing out of the home side.

vincehill, Cockney Latic

need to build on this now but Kones starting to show the prowess we bought him for and I reckon his goals will see us safe this year.We apparently walked all over them this afternoon-we are too good to go down!
I said we would win this game it was just a gut feeling and I have the same feeling about next weeks game against the scousers.

Fifelatic, Wiganer.net

Just watched the highlights from yesterday. Reading were poor, but that does not detract from Wigans desire to get the points. Impressive attitude. Hope this is an indicator of how the team will approach the remaining games. We could stay up yet!!! Feel good today.

Douglas Bank, Cockney Latic

Excellent performance from Wigan team collectively and individually – except perhaps Al Habsi who had nothing to do!

Good saves from Federici saved Reading from a heavier defeat. Wigan go above Villa on goal difference.

Bring on Liverpool!

Gary_Teale, Wiganer.net

Really great performance and a deserved win today.

We had the edge in the first half and scored one lucky and one lovely goal.

Figs got them after the break with another good goal and they were sunk.

Definite red card for them, i thought at first he had just been ankle tapped until i saw the replay where he got a whole boot full of studs on the ankle, not nice.

I cant remember Ali having to make a save and we got a clean sheet.

Great job and keep it up into the Liverpool game

NRP, This Northern Soul

Reading tried to close us down and failed. We closed them down and they gave us the ball. They might have been poor, but we took advantage of it. We scored two very good goals and should have had a few more. You can only beat what’s in front of you and anyone who tries to demean the performance of a team that dominated a game like we did today wants shooting.

eaststander, Cockney Latic

Against a team with some recent form .the stats where superb before and after they went down to 10 men.Bring on the bin dippers and a beer festival afterwards.well done.

kingofallbaxters, Wiganer.net

A large slice of humble pie for me.
Bobby got his tactics spot on, the team looked as fit as a butchers dog and Alcaraz is back.
Very happy to be wrong about so many things!
This 4-3-3 formation worked well and with Kone back the side looks settled and well balanced.

MR Brownbill, Cockney Latic

Excellent all round performance and Villa and Qpr results make it even sweeter.No reason why we can’t nail Liverpool next week who always look beatable.Then let’s go for gold and grab a Wembley weekend.Once again well done !!!

LeeKoo, Wiganer.net

Motm got to be their goalie

Funky Claude, This Northern Soul

The reason Reading looked poor was because they had become punch drunk trying to chase the ball, very professional display by the lads today could of easily been 4 or 5 nil. Get something next week against them obnoxious annoying tw*ts from down the road and I’m starting to believe not only will we stop up but we will be having a day out at Wembley as well.

Laticus68, Wiganer.net

Absolutely over the moon! Dominating reading and I must admit was a little worried on the current home form but we dominated and battered them! Onwards and upwards. Great result for the squad!
Not sure who mentioned it but Kone and Scharner both key and feel much more confident with these boys in the squad. god a few more beers tonight!

Wildheart, This Northern Soul

thought we had turned a corner after the 3-0 win at Villa so will reserve judgement for a while yet

Benet, Wiganer.net

Good win, and it seemed Roberto read my thread asking for balls to be played in front of Kone.

Maybe this management thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Are you confident of staying up and/or getting to Wembley, Wigan fans? Have your say in the comments section below…