Wigan 3-3 Blackburn: What the forums say…

Football Burp looks back over the weekend’s Premier League action, wonders what manner of buzz is sweeping through the notoriously fickle yet frequently entertaining world of online fans’ forums, reproduces a selection of comments for your delectation. Next up, the fallout from Wigan Athletic 3-3 Blackburn Rovers…

Yakubu notched a couple for Blackburn at Wigan
Yakubu: Promising youngster

Wigan Athletic

“We are masters of our own downfall. The goal from the corner should not have been allowed but what on earth were the defenders doing, add to that caldwells poor play gave the corner away in the first place – he tried to play the ball instead of hoofing it- wonder why, i missed the first goal but links being showed now it looked like a glaring error when a hoof was needed – perhaps someone who saw it will tell us what happened, but martinez needs to understand this defence CANNOT play football and he needs to adapt is game plan to suit.

But its not just defence, the obsession with passing for passing sake is also killing us, the penalty was avoidable cruzat and rodalegga messed about with the ball and instead of keeping the ball with just over a minute left they gave it away – then fouled the blackburn player neddlessly, the free kick was cleared to moses who couldnt hold it then comitted another foul, this free kick led to the corner -the rest as they say is history, we could complain about the corner but salmon was off side for gomez’s goal.” – loudmouthblue, www.cockneylatic.co.uk

“We battered them today. Start to finish. There is literally nothing else Bobby can do. I’ve openly criticized Bobby, but the only thing he got wrong today was subbing Gomez and not Moses. The team selection was spot on, tactics were spot on. Three moments have cost us at the back, but you simply can’t blame that on Martinez. First was Caldwell’s error, second was an illegal goal but I admit we didn’t react quick enough, and the third was pure nervous tension.

Bobby cant be responsible for any of these moments nor can he be for the finishing. The manager’s job is to make sure his team is on top in general play, and in general play, we smashed them – no doubt about it. Believe me, I’m as frustrated as you. But there is being frustrated and being an idiot.”Webbs21, Wigan Athletic footymad.net forum

“We were even second on MOTD – that must have p****d the United and Arsenal fans right off.

It’s strange but some of the D/S on here say the football under Bob is boring and some say they now no longer go to games. But for me I’ve probably got more “never to be forgotten games ” etched in the memory for all time since Bob came. The wins against Chelsea & Liverpool , the comeback against Arsenal , Saturday’s 3-3 , the Stoke last day win and the never , ever to be forgotten West Ham game. If you asked me to mention the most memorable game under Bruce ,I’d have to give it some thought. ( The point at Anfield ? )

Yes , we may be struggling and there are many downs at the moment but when the ups come, us “loyalists ” won’t half enjoy it.Boring ? – I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” – Squire Manny Brown, www.cockneylatic.co.uk

Blackburn Rovers

“I said before the international break that it was a must-win game for Wigan, and our priority was to avoid defeat. We’ve taken a point away from home and we’ve made a rival drop 2 points they will have been counting in in their attempt to stay up. In terms of managerial records, even a comprehensive win wouldn’t have made a difference. In the context of our season, I don’t think it’s the disastrous result many will want to make it out to be.

I thought our performance was under-par and nervy. Rochina and Hoilett never got going, and the defence was as shaky as I feared when I saw the line up. And it was yet another game that I’d use for examples as to why I think Robinson is over-rated – too many soft efforts from outside the box get past him. But we still managed to eke out a result, when it would have been easier for the players to give up when behind and a man down.

Stoke next, and they’re also struggling for form. Must-win for them, I’ll be satisfied if we avoid losing. But then maybe Pedersen can score the winner, getting on the end of one of his own long throws this time…”Rover the Top, www.roverstalk.com

“Without a change in manager, I think we are doomed. Even a change in manager might not work because I think that virtually all, bar Yak, Kean’s signings are either useless (Anderson, Ribeiro, Petro etc ) or overrated (Dann, Goodwillie, Formica etc). Supporters talk of Rochina’s potential but you begin to sense why he was surplus to requirements at Barca.

All the players making a real contribution this season are those he inherited. If we go down, I fear it will be the end simply because we do not have the same fan base as some of the bigger city clubs who suffered similar fates eg Leeds and our gates will, sadly IMO, fall dramatically to around the 10k mark.” – Mercerman, www.brfcs.co.uk

“Anyone notice the quality of our bench at weekend? Absolutely shocking. We are now seeing the lasting implications of Kean’s pathetic recruitment and the ridiculous way he changed and overhauled the squad. Get rid of proven experience and replace with people you have no confidence in playing. Why do his signings not get a start? Because they are average at best and at this moment, nowwhere near good enough. Dead simple. Two of his signings good enough to start against the bottom of the league? One of those, played only due to injuries.

Out of Kean’s hands? Hardly, he has created his own squad and if there is insufficient quality or depth, then point the finger at the pillock who re-structered the squad and left us light.

On the subject of Robbo and yes a couple of saves were very good and yes his bravery at the end was great to see, but you cannot just stand there as goals fly past you and not react in anyway. Something is wrong from 15 to 25 yards for this keeper. His kicking is amazing and in the modern game should not be underestimated, but first and foremost he must protect the goal and on that showing, I would definately be considering Bunn for the next game.

You just don’t know at the moment MCT? Does 7 points from 12 matches give you a clue? Well not knowing is better than gilding the lilly I suppose. I’ll explain for you. We can’t beat anybody, we let in bucket loads of goals and can’t beat even the teams badly struggling. We look nailed on for relegation under the useless liar. One of the 6 winnable games you have all been mentioning has now been and gone. Not to worry, 5 winnable games should be enough…”onlyonejackwalker, www.roverstalk.com