We’re Out of Your League! – Southampton

We're Out of Your League! - Southampton
St Mary's Stadium... Ashley Young and Luis Suarez will soon be diving here (Img: Colin Smith)

To celebrate Southampton’s return to the Premier League after a seven-year absence, Football Burp brings you a selection of our favourite reactions from the Saints’ various online communities, including tributes to late owner Markus Liebherr, back-to-back-promotion-clinching manager Nigel Adkins and some mirthful acknowledgement of Portsmouth’s simultaneous relegation to League One…

SPARTACUS, The Ugly Inside

Carslberg don’t do football seasons but if they did they’d have done this one!

1. Saints Promoted
2. Pompey Relegated
3. Harry Redknapp passed over for the England job

samspade, Southampton FC Unofficial Chat Forum

We’re up, i can’t believe it, after two relegations, receivership, points deduction, we are up. Bloody awesome.

Ex Ringwood Saint, SaintsWeb

So so chuffed..nige is such a great bloke…

SonicBoom, The Ugly Inside

We need to be realistic and patient next year. Nige has been good enough for the last two years and needs time to adjust and get the right players. Face it we may well go back down, but we have banked the cash. We are already favourites to do that. BUT…
Wec ould also emulate Swansea and Norwich. Norwich were not really any better than us in L1 or the Championship so why not. But Adkins has proved he is a good manager. Depends on the players and investment he gets.

doubleonothing, SaintsWeb

What a day!! Couldn’t get bbc1 to work on the satellite so been listening to 5live and had sky sports news on. MLT overjoyed on there.

7 years. We’re back where we belong. I honestly cant believe it!!

Thank you Nigel, Nicola, the team and most off Markus. I know you are looking down on us and smiling.


WinchesterExile, The Ugly Inside…

I am looking forward to regular sell outs (albeit with some plastics).

I am not looking forward to overpaid mercenaries throwing themselves around as if they’ve been shot when nobody has touched them.

Bridgey, SaintsWeb…

The very best thing about promotion is that we don’t have to stay up stupidly late for the football league show!

alpine_saint, SaintsWeb

I couldnt watch.
I couldnt listen.
I occupied myself with DIY and my sons U8 football tournament.
I’ve just logged in to get the news with my heart pounding out my chest and shaking hands.
I am totally overcome with emotion.
God I love and miss Southampton and Southampton Football Club.

Well done to players, management and fans.

And a big, big thankyou to Markus Liebherr. Hope you were watching today, big guy.
And I hope my brother-in-law who passed on in his sleep on Sunday night was watching and enjoying it too…..

Saintjersey, SaintsWeb

Thank you Marcus, you saved our club and we have fulfilled our dream.

Iceberg, The Ugly Inside…

I got through half a box of tissues watching the League Show for the final time. Very emotional season and so in the privacy of my own front room I let it all out.

But I wanted to punch the TV screen when the interviewer cornered Billy as he came down the tunnel and then said “It has been a difficult year for you personally…” Just what Billy needed to hear when he was starting celebrating. He looked well pissed off.

paulwantsapint, SaintsWeb

Heaven is gonna be red & white tonight
Bally, stokes, sir ted et al show st Markus how to celebrate

Markus saved the saints

parkgatesaint, SaintsWeb

Have to say it crossed my mind and was mentioned on the radio too…seven years ago we were relegated and I cried. When I signed your condolence book I cried and today…I have cried with joy…Thank you Marcus. You have united so many
thousand fans all around the world !

Pugwash, SaintsWeb

Thanks to Markus for saving the Saints.

Thanks to the Liebherrs for keeping the faith.

Thanks to Nicola and the Backroom Staff for creating the vision.

Thanks to Nigel and the Coaches for instilling the belief.

Thanks to the Players for realising the dream.

Thanks to the Fans for their support and passion.

Alby2, The Ugly Inside…

Interesting comments from the top flight at the weekend on MOTD and Sky…

Alex Ferguson “well done to Nigel and the boys, I’m looking forward to giving Owen and the reserves a couple of games without worrying about dropping points”

Arsene Wenger “I didn’t see the results, but it will be useful to have our future signings get a season experience in the Premiership”

Paul Lambert “its always nice to see the small teams have a season in the Prem”

Kenny Dalglish, “last time I went to them they played at the Dell, what a shìthole that was”

Steve kean “it gives us extra motivation to stay up, as we are certain to get 6 points next season”

Roberto Manchini “i must speak with them soon, to say well done, and ask Adkins where he gets his fake tan from, and offer them Bridge on a free transfer”

Chelsea “No comment”

M Owen “Rather play them than Pompey, can’t score against Pompey, but I also run rings around the summers”

Brendan Rodgers “Hoping for a first day of the season game, so we can pop down the following day for a break down Southsea Seafront”

Alan Pardew “got some old friend’s wives I’m looking forward to seeing”

Wigan “Be a costly day for us, none of our fans will have a reason to show up, and the expense for the after game buffet will be massive if Lambert plays”

Harry Redknapp “Nice to see the foundations I put down many years ago are paying off”

David Moyes “we haven’t got an IKEA in Bootle, can’t wait to visit one”

Alex McLeish “i would love the challenge of keep them up, if Adkins goes to WBA”

Wayne Rooney “yeah, great, but they are shyte”

Martin Jol, “i remember going to there ground in the early 80……….(someone whispers in his ear), oh sorry that’s not St Mary’s it was the tricorn in Portsmouth, looked the same though, don’t you think”

Mike Ashley “im hoping for a rise in profits from my sports direct shops, when the scummers buy their new strips and Kappa jackets”

Gary Lineker “they fit in perfectly, replacing Wolves for the last 30 seconds on Match of the Day”

Andy Townsend “I’m delighted they are up, and hope they get past the 3rd round of the FA Cup for a change so I can talk about them. They are the only club that don’t think I’m an annoying boring ç**t

Mr_Red, SaintsWeb

We're Out of Your League! - Southampton

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