Swansea fans revel in famous win, single out Britton and Rangel for praise

Leon Britton
Britton… Got talent (Img: Jon Candy)
Two late strikes from Premier League joint top scorer Michu earned Swansea City a famous 2-0 victory at Arsenal and moved Michael Laudrup’s in-form Swans up to 7th in the process. We found the denizens of the Swansea City Not606 forum in suitably elated mood, while those over at Planet Swans were hailing the respective contributions of right-back Angel Rangel and deep-lying playmaker Leon Britton…

Swansea City Not606


Sitting here getting drunk watching Swansea beat Arsenal !! ****ing hell boys !! how far have we come these last 10yrs ??

ive actually got tears of joy running down my face im so happy!! i never would have thought id see this in my lifetime, SCFC taking them all on and out playing teams with players that cost a fraction of the opposition !!

If people dont realise this is how football should be then there is something wrong, whati watched today was something special, it was a team it was a tactical masterclass yet again from Laudrup !! moore for schector and tiendelli for JDG i mean what the **** !!

Absolutly proud beyond words the best time of my life is right now right here, the day when the swans became the best footballing team in the premier league


i want Michu to marry my 3rd daughter


That victory was born out of a few things but the way Chico performed today fills me with real heart, he is the natural leader that ash is not and that means ash gets on with his job with little fuss and performs to HIS maximum.

Laudrup is the man to thank for this victory make no mistake, it was his subs that changed it for us, moore has the ability to make a clever pass and he did that ..yet again!! no goals but 2 assists coming from the bench is not to be sniffed at ! that makes you a game changer!
tiendelli coming on made a huge difference too, alot more urgency from him his tying in with rangel was beautiful and he was unlucky not to score!!

Michu, well what can you say? world class striker and making every other £20m pound striker and up look like a complete chump (bar one or two)

Will he leave us? right now who cares!! he is here for the season and thats all we need to worry about right now!!

****ing hell im so happy and never thought our prem dream would have days like these !!
to out Arsenal at arsenal is the straw that broke the camels back for me !!

What a fantastic day, it makes me sad im in another country at times like these,if i was home id be there but thank **** for the internet init ..


Shame to leave Rangel out, but Flores, Michu and Hernandez have a legitimate claim to a Spain call up for the next round of fixtures. Chico is growing in stature with every game and Michu the midfielder is showing everybody how to score in the best league in the world.

Planet Swans


Michu grabs the headlines but Rangel and Leon were outstanding today.

Hard to believe these were signed to play in the third and fourth tear of football !


I completely agree. A fantastic performance by all of our players, who were giving everything through the entire match, making it difficult to pick anybody out, but those two stood out today.


Rangel and Britton are the two most under rated players playing in the Premier League. In my opinion Rangel is the best right back in the League, f**k Glen Johnson, I would rather have Rangel. Leon is the best holding midfielder in the League. How on earth do they put Adrian Durham’s w**k banker Carrick in the England squad ahead of Britton? Hodgson must have s**t in his eyes.


It’s surprising how often you hear people say Angel is the weak link of our team. Think he’s perfect for us myself.

Leon is just the heart beat of SCAFC. End of.


The step up Angel Rangel has made is absolutely incredible.


Both were absolutely superb. Has to be Rangel’s career-best performance today surely? In defence and attack he looked a superstar.

Leon was immense, so was Ben Davies and Chico and Michu and the whole f*cking lot of them.

One of the best away days ever….just…unreal, I didn’t think I’d ever stop screaming my f*cking head off when I saw the ball come off Michu’s foot and curl beautifully into the corner of the net in front of me for the first goal. Not been celebrations like that since the play-off final. Mayhem.

Don’t really know what to say. This is the stuff of dreams and it’s a privilege to be a part of it.

How can far do you think the side can go this season, Swans fans? Have your say in the comments section below…