Swansea Fans React to Rodgers Departure

Brendan Rodgers has left Swansea City for Liverpool
Rodgers... King Brenny (Img: John Campbell)

“Thanks for the good times”, or “money-grabbing Judas”? Football Burp heads on over to the Planet Swans forum to see how Swansea City fans are reacting to the departure of their manager Brendan Rodgers to Liverpool…


Thanks you took us to the premiership lets not forget that and 11th place in our first season there what an achievement no wonder Liverpool want you all the best for the future I have no doubt that you will succeed thanks for all that you done for the swans just hope we have 6 points from you this season


Thanks for everything big mistake to go best of luck you will definitely need it


Great memories without a doubt.
A year ago was the best weekend of my life.

Let’s hope he does not sour the memories by coming back to raid us.
I know that’s football but it would shatter his legacy – IMO


Thanks for the wonderful memories Brendan and i mean that – they will live with me forever .

I didn`t like the way you just up and went especially after you said “Ive got unfinished bussness at Swansea”only a few weeks ago . We all knew you would move on some day and some day soon but if feels like we have been lied to again.

I cant hate you after all you have done for us but i have got a sour taste in my mouth the way you went .

Dont make me hate you by coming back for our players like Martinez done !

Ray Delauney!

Yes he was a nice guy, but why the funereal tone??

He’s fecked off to quadruple his income, he didn’t die tragically on his way into work.

Mango Hill Jack

f**k him, the minute he walked out of my club is the minute i stopped caring about him or his career, I don’t wish ill on him and i don’t hope he does well, i really couldn’t give a monkeys. All my thoughts and support will be channelled to the new man at the helm. My only thoughts for Rodgers will be, stay the f**k away from our players.

I’d bet my mortgage that most of those wishing him well are Liverpool supporters in some form, wether it be second club, or first club and swans second you know the drill. Makes me [vomit smiley]


He can sod off. Once he comes poaching our players i am sure this fawning mindset will change on here.


If I was him would I have done the same? Sorry to say but I probably would, and before anybody says I am a plastic Liverpool fan, nothing could be further from the truth, I am a strict one club man. But my career, family and yes even finances are more important than my love of SCFC.

People who say he owes us after we give him a chance are fecking clowns. What more could the man do than get us £90m+, from last year and this, put the club on the world stage and given us all some of the best times we could ever imagine.

Do I wish him well or hope he rots? Well neither hes a manager of another club just as Pullis, Fergie, Arry, Hughes etc are and they are no concern to me as long as SCFC win and stay up then I am a happy man.

Mark Gowers 1st Goal

Thanks for the memories Brendan. You’ve done a fine job for us and made me prouder of my team than I already was.

I still think he’s made the wrong decision though. One more year and the Spurs job would have opened up. Better backing, better chairman and better fans (In the sense I think they would give him more time). Think he’ll be out of a job by this time next year.