Super Kevin Phillips makes Crystal Palace fans eat humble pie

Selhurst Park
Palace cheerleaders… The best (Img: ChristalPalace)

There were howls of derision from sections of the Selhurst Park faithful when Ian Holloway brought in 39-year-old striker Kevin Phillips, but another goal in Crystal Palace’s 4-1 win over promotion rivals Middlesbrough on Saturday had Eagles fans from cpfc.org queuing up to hail what looks like being a masterstroke of a signing on ol’ Ollie’s part…

Kevin Phillips silences the doubters


Humble pie. Consumed. That is all.

Dorking .Eagle

What a signing. That is all.


Ditto – I thought it was a ridiculous signing with no ambition, almost a panic buy to get someone in & it may as well be someone he’s worked with before!!

I was wrong, IH was right and I am delighted to say so – I do still worry about IH but he is doing ok at the moment & as long as he continues then I hope to eat humble pie over that too……

14 more cup finals & this humble pie tastes good so keep it coming…..

eagle mart

Watch him. He constantly moves into space and is looking to receive the ball. Drifting off the centrebacks into the no-mans land between the mid fielders and trying pull people out of position. It might be five or six different movements before he gets the ball but it is non-stop… It’s effective movement.


And to think some thought he wouldn’t add anything Easter didn’t offer.

art malice

Incredible how he’s just slotted in. Like he’s been here years

Mictor Voses

Gives us a totally different dimension that I don’t think I have ever seen before at the Palace. What an option to have coming off the bench to changes games or settle things down- I honestly believe that this signing will be the one that we could look back on at the end of the season and say that earned us an extra 8-10 points.

Reminds me of a quicker, more agile Dougie Freedman with a better left foot


Another thing that amazes me about the guy, something Ollie mentioned, is that he comes on and takes no time at all to get into the rhythm of the match, as if he’s been on from the off.

Most players need at least 10 mins to get into the swing of things and some struggle to warm themselves up at all and the game passes them by.

I’d lay a lot of money that Phillips is in fact not human and most probably Time Lord.


Was a superb finish for his goal this afternoon. I actually thought the chance had gone, but with a great piece of skill he shifted the ball from one foot to the other and reopened the opportunity.

I generally avoid the Transfer Hotline forum, so am surprised to see the second-hand references to criticism of the Phillips transfer. Although I’ve abused him in the past when he’s played against us, I’ve always thought of him as a great finisher, and as he’s got older it’s become apparent what an excellent professional his to keep himself in such good shape.

It may be that he hasn’t the legs for ninety minutes, but with his skill and football brain, how many better impact players could we have to come off the bench for the last 20-30 minutes of a game?


I have to apologise, when he came on loan I moaned and thought what a waste etc!!

How wrong was I ? He is superb and his movement is 1st class…Could be the diference between playoff or automatic promotion!

Well done Ollie…

Maximus Dowieus

He was always an opposition player I ‘feared’ when he played against us so it is so sweet to see him on OUR side now! He is adding so much for us already. Not just the goals to supplement Muzza as important as they are but also his vast experience and intelligent movement and play on the park. Chuffed!


Top player, I reckon he’ll be for us what Jason Roberts was for Reading in last season’s January window. Brilliant finish today- he works so well alongside Murray

Paulie Walnuts

Sign him up for 1 more year-even if we go up! He’s looked so dangerous in his 2nd half cameos, opposition fans must shit themselves when they see him warming up!

bourne man

Does this mean we can let IH bring in the players he wants from now on and not endlessly bitch that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, cause all this endless humble pie eating is a bit embarrassing


The thing I liked most is I’m younger than him.

Would you give Kevin Phillips a one-year deal even if you get promoted, Eagles fans? Have your say in the comments section below…