Steven Gerrard injury poses new questions of Liverpool credentials

It's the Steven Gerrard injury that's threatening to derail Liverpool's top 4 challenge, and Burp scribe Umarah Naz is a trifle concerned.


Steven Gerrard pre-injury
What lies round the corner for Liverpool? (Image: wonker)

Burp’s resident Liverpool scribe Umarah Naz reflects on the Steven Gerrard injury that threatens to derail the Reds’ top 4 challenge…

Who is with me when I say that the heartbreak of seeing Steven Gerrard sidelined due to injury last week was a little too much to bear? I’m not ashamed to admit I had a tear in my eye.

His loss at such a critical time in the season has put a real spanner in the Liverpool works. And how well it was working too!

I’m certain Gerrard is devastated to be sitting out on the packed festive schedule, after all he lives and breathes Liverpool.

No doubt he’ll recover and be raring to go come the new year, but it’s the team that will feel the brunt of his absence and the effects on our season may be irreversible.

I don’t wish to sound pessimistic and, being a loyal Red, it’s the last thing I want, but it’s difficult when you lose a precious gem like Gerrard at such a critical time.

Many are of the opinion that he is not as good as he was and they may have a point, but it’s a testament to his brilliance that even today we cannot afford to be without him.

His inch-perfect passes and crosses, timely tackles, leadership skills and sheer presence are irreplaceable qualities.

Add to that the fact that he loves Liverpool Football Club with an unrivalled passion that only few players in the world can boast – these important and rare traits make him a formidable opponent to anyone.

Games against Tottenham Hotspur, Cardiff City, Manchester City and Chelsea will fall by the wayside for the veteran Red – and with three of those games being away to Champions League rivals, the Liverpool captain’s injury could not have come at a worse time.

Barring a few bad performances, the club has surpassed all expectations this season and we find ourselves second in the Premier League. Who would have predicted that in August? I certainly wouldn’t have.

Due to the immense competitiveness of the Premier League, a drop in consistency would result in a slump to the mediocrity of mid-table.

Some outstanding performances will be needed to fill the void left by Steven Gerrard and it may be a performance too far.

The leadership role will fall to the likes of Daniel Agger, Glen Johnson and possibly Luis Suárez, the Uruguayan exhibiting a unique passion and commitment that would serve as a fine example to a relatively young team.

The Reds midfield will feel the biggest pinch, with Lucas Leiva and Jordan Henderson having to shoulder the responsibility there. Are they up to the task? We shall find out.

We are all guilty of taking a legend for granted here. Steven Gerrard has become part of the Anfield furniture over the years and we’ve somehow forgotten what the club would do without him.

Now will be the time when we see what the team is made of and how we cope without our talisman. A man who has shaped this football club in recent years, at times single-handedly.

More importantly, now we shall be reminded that this gem is irreplaceable and will remain precious, no matter how long he has been around. Get well soon, Captain.

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