Southampton fans hail Mauricio Pochettino tactical approach, consider Schneiderlin potential

Mauricio Pochettino
Pochettino… That’s him on the left (Img: Pedroserafin)

Consternation was nationwide when Southampton chairman Nicola Cortese saw fit to relieve Nigel Adkins of his managerial duties last month, but his replacement Mauricio Pochettino looks to have made an immediate impact, overseeing another eye-catching performance in Saturday’s 3-1 win over Premier League champions Manchester City.

Football Burp mosied on down to the SaintsWeb forum to see what the St Mary’s faithful had to say about the Argentine, and then we shimmied on over to Saints Mad to find folk hailing impressive young French midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin…

SaintsWeb discuss Pochettino

Lazlo78, Saints Web

Pochettino set out a good game plan from the start of the game, his selection reflected on players best suited for tactics, and we got 3 points on the board. Indeed it was another great tactical showing from Pochettino…

danner, Saints Web

I think his tactics are spot on, exactly how i wanted the team to play more all season. I looked at the names on the teamsheet earlier this season and thought its a dream team, i think we underperformed under NA and now we are showing what we can really do.

Give it to Ron, Saints Web

His substitutions today were spot on and bringin on JWP to nullify Kolarovs runs was great to see.
He or one of his team clearly have a good tactical brain.

110_Persaint, Saints Web

My only hope is that he decides to fulfill his potential with us instead of being lured by one of the “big” clubs. We’ve got the next “special one” in our hands IMO.

Lallana’s Left Peg, Saints Web

Game 4 update. Principles still very much the same as we expected, but I saw a more intelligent approach to the pressing. Players seemed to want to press all the time but only if they could do it as a group and with success – saw lots of players looking over their shoulder before they went after the ball which suggested to me they are being asked to apply some decision making before they go after the ball. Almost as though pressing is great but not if they are just going to pass it around you. Love the way Puncheon nipped the ball off Barry for our first goal – you could clearly see Puncheon go the moment he saw another player go to pressure Barry. Barry never got his head up and Puncheon was there on the blind side before Barry could even control the ball properly.

Also very impressed by his ‘don’t give a sh*t what team we’ve got out we’ll play the same way’ approach – would have been easy to perhaps want to offer Fox and Hooiveld more protection on their side of the defence but none was really offered which shows a great faith in his system and the fact it worked so well also suggests that as long as players do their job the team will be successful. New players seemed to come on relating to energy levels rather than any change in shape or role for the players.

No Ramirez but both Puncheon and Clyne were very good so early signs are that there may not be any losers in the new system thus far – but still very early days. Seems promising though.

Saints Mad discuss Schneiderlin


Game stats:

Schneiderlin led the game with a pass-completion rate of 85%.

Schneiderlin made 5 interceptions.

Schneiderlin is developing into one of the best all-round midfield players in the Premier League. He’s played for France at every level from U16 to U21 and was their captain at U18 level. It can’t be long before he breaks into the full France team.


Been saying that for a while – his performances this season have been getting better & better.

He really has developed into a top class midfielder and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him get an international call-up in the very near future.


Like you’ve both said he has been tremendous all season & has developed so much as a Premier League player. He totally deserves a call-upto the France national team, however as much as i’d like to see him successful on the national stage when he was to be play for France then that would mean alot more clubs around the world would be aware of his talent & how good he is!


He’s exactly the type of player Wenger would like – and he’s French

A few seasons ago I’d be worried about that, but in NC we have a Chairman who won’t let SFC be bossed around, and we have a spirit that would appear to be attracting players, not driving them away


He was made for the Premier League and now he’s proving it

Are you convinced that Mauricio Pochettino is the right man to take Southampton forward? How much do you think Morgan Schneiderlin is worth in the current transfer market? Have your say in the comments section below…