Message Board Thread of the Week: Cardiff go top, but hollow feeling remains for some

Jonny ForumerWho cares what a bunch of disinterested hacks have to say when you can get the skinny direct from those to whom it matters most? Well, good news – Football Burp’s very own Jonny Forumer, lurker extraordinaire, is here to collate choice message board analysis so you can get the lowdown from the people who really know what they’re on about. Take it away, Jonny…

Morning folks, Jonny Forumer signing in. Malky Mackay’s Cardiff City beat Burnley 4-0 to move top of the Championship on the weekend, but sections of the fan base remained disillusioned by the red shirts and dragon emblems they saw before them. I hotfooted it down to online Bluebirds joint CardiffCityForum to find the debate raging…

Cardiff City Stadium
Cardiff City… Now taking it as red (Img: Garethbaker1927)


4-0, Top of the League, Hated it. It just felt totally bizzare to me.

I cant get my head around the red shirts for starters, and then add to that the atmosphere for a team top
of the league was awful.

We were 4-0 up and Ali said the fourth official has indicated 2 minutes of added time, I looked around and the place was half empty, and people were flooding for the exits.

The kid in front of me had a Barcelona top on and most of the people around me spent most of the game on their phones telling each other the scores from the other games.

It honestly felt like I was at the Cinema at times.

The best thing about going there today was bottles of Heineken for a £1. I should be buzzing, top of the League, 4-0 home win but its not there.

I appreciate other people are getting on with it but its not for me, I know Im not alone.


Some City fans hold this club back at times, we’ve just won 4-0, 3pts clear at the top and I’m reading this?! Sorry pal, you need to man up and get on with it


1. I can’t get my head around so many people leaving 5 minutes before the end, some people missed about 10 minutes of the Watford game with all the added time I always stay till the very end and wait for the Malky Fist Pump

2. I wish people would leave checking for scores for half time and full time only

3. Red shirts – I can’t get my head round it either and the buzz isn’t there for me either


For me a lot of these things happened before the rebrand but I think rebrand just made people realise more


I hate the rebrand as much as anyone else does, but you’ve just got to get on with it.
Success isn’t everything as I’ve been saying that the rebrand rumours came up, I’d personally rather get relegated to League 2 if we had our identity back than get promoted to the Premier League in red. But we won 4-0 and we’re top of the league, don’t know how you can see the negative in that! I still love Cardiff City.


I am getting on with it, Iv kept 4 season tickets, doesnt mean I cant come on here and have an opinion.

I love Cardiff City mate, its in my family through generations, its inked into us, i hated today though, im allowed to come on here and talk to cardiff fans and say how I feel surely to god?


got to remember.. clubs changed, the idiots who used to run riot are out the window, were a normal football club now with your basic fan who will turn up, watch the game, be critical and want success as that’s all they know.
The rebranding is a joke, but most fans would rather success, were top of the league.. shirt color has changed, it will bring success and thats all that matters unfortunately. Not one of our players cares about the red, they get paid, want to play top level football.
Cardiff City you know is dead lad.

No Smoking…

I love the fact some fans are saying such like as “we taught Burnley a lesson” as if its some sort of self made achievement.

Doncaster could take out £100 million in loans they can’t afford to pay and pay all their players 20k – 30k a week when that’s more than their total income, but doing it anyway regardless if they have got it or not…. As a result you will have a decent championship team of players. In terms of the result on the club in time to come… Doesn’t bare thinking about.

The immediate effect means our fans are split. The atmosphere is dead, we are a pretty soulless club, people don’t seem to care as much, we now have a dragon as the main part of our badge and our official colours are red! And that’s just the superficial changes to the club.

The future effect is terrifying. We are now lumbered with debt that is crippling for most teams. Tan walks, we die. We fail, we die.

The fact nobody else is spending millions more than they actually have is because it isn’t a great idea, I hope the glory hunters realise this soon.

Carpe Diem…

Are we any different to man city or any club being funded by an investor? And don’t tell me the atmosphere is due to the rebrand as it was just the same last season.
And what a empty statement saying we are a soulless club. Same fans same stadium same club better players. Cheap line that means nothing and is simply a wind up line

No Smoking…

Yes completely different.

Man city were already in the prem and their investors which dwarf the riches of ours… Who isn’t even our owner… Which means any money they put up could go straight into th playing squad which at that level reaps its own rewards with champions league football. By being one of the worlds biggest clubs they can genuinely find a balance between spending and making money. Another key ingredient of course is the assets the investment has brought if hit upon hard times, they have assembled be of the most valuable sides in world football. They also did this by keeping the club identifiable with the fans.

We are in the championship with a championship squad, a decent championship squad granted, but a championship squad all the same. We are saddled with a debt 8 times the worth of our total football club, spending more than we make in entire year on players wages alone and still need loans to cover it, not to mention the other amounts needed to run a football club. This is being loaned to us at an interest of 7% and each month that passes it increases by another £2 million. All this? Just to be a lower half prem club realistically. In exchange we have also sold the soul of the club by changing our famous blue for a baffling red that has nothing to do with the club and changed our badge to a dragon.

Completely different.

How do you feel about the current state of affairs at your club, Cardiff fans? Have your say in the comments section below…