Mark Hughes: What his former clubs’ fans have to say…

With the news that Mark Hughes has been chosen to replace Neil Warnock as  Queens Park Rangers manager, Football Burp wondered what supporters of Blackburn Rovers, Manchester City and Fulham had to say about his respective stints at their clubs. Pay heed, Loftus Road faithful…

Blackburn Rovers fans from Rovers Talk

Mark Hughes - the new manager of Queens Park Rangers?
Hughes... Welsh

“I miss the stability he brought our club. I’m sorry it looks like he may go to QPR and not us!” – NorthEastRover

“Brilliant manager for our club and look at the quality of purchases made and prices paid!! Players wanted to come and play for Hughes as they respected him first and foremost as a player. A quality manager qualified for the position would be pleasing at some stage again.” – onlyonejackwalker

“I think Hughes was only mostly good for the club. Turning the club around and then getting good results including a european adventure and some enjoyable cup runs were definite positives. He built a decent squad of players including some unexpected high-profile signings. The bad points (and they are quibbles) were that he abandoned us for a bigger club and in doing so cleared out the majority of staff at the club. He seemed less focused on the youth development we’re becomming increasingly reliant on… specifically he moved the youth team out of the excellent facilities that probably attracted them to the club in the first place. He was complict in the high wage culture that many feel is damaging to the longer term financial health. I could say the same things were true of most of our managers – and it’s difficult to know what was choice and what was forced.” – theadore

“Best manager we’ve had that I can remember so obviously I can’t remember King Kenny. He brought quality players in for cheap prices and sold them on for 4/5 times the amount. He got us into Europe which I never expected. Under Hughes, even if we were playing Arsenal/Man United/Liverpool/Chelsea I would be confident of getting the win. Now when we play them, I just pray it’s less than 5.” – roversmillsy

Manchester City fans from Blue Moon

“He did a good job with Blackburn, always getting them into the Top 10, and European football, with sixth, and seventh place finishes. I think Blackburn will gladly take that now! He also did quite well with Fulham, getting 8th and Europa League. I’m no fan of his, but I can see why teams turn to him. He’s not a manager thats going to win titles, and loads of trophies, but not many teams have those standards, and expectations… He was out of his depth with us, and it showed with his tactics, substitutions, and some signings… but for a club like QPR, who aren’t in this position at the moment, he’s a good fit for them, to get them established in the League.” – Unknown_Genius

“So how come he did such a piss poor job with unlimited resources with us?. We are still fixing mistakes that he made.” – didactic

“Solid defensively? From what I seem to recall a majority of our games usually seemed to end in us conceding 2 or 3 and scoring more than our opposition. Sure that’s entertaining football for the neutral I guess but when it’s your club and they’re letting goals in left, right and centre it isn’t brilliant. I could think of at least 5 managers from the top of my head that would be capable of doing a better job than Hughes at QPR. Don’t get me wrong he’ll do okay but with the ambition their owners have I doubt they’ll have much patience with. Positives, could Roque be off to Loftus Road?? Here’s hoping…” – yatesy94

“It looks like Hughes has done a Mancini on Warnock. How could he?” – awest

“Because he is a hypocritical c*nt. Same as accusing Mancini of ‘not offering his hand with sincerity’ or whatever bollocks he came out with last season when we have all seen him do the same thing to other managers. Hughes has had ‘handshake problems’ with Pulis, Wenger and Mancini, I get the feeling other managers think he is a turd.” – Lancet Fluke

“He did a great job for Blackburn who punched well above their weight. There was less competition outside the top 4 then though with only Everton consistently challenging. Not so great for us. Probably do a good job for QPR and get them close to top half.” – Prestwich_Blue

“Despite the absolute pigs *rse he made of the job when he managed us, which to be fair he was just way way out of his depth. I do think that Hughes isn’t that bad as a manager up to a certain level. His records speak for themselves at Blackburn and Fulham. So long as QPR have no aspirations of fiinshing at least top 6 every 7 season or going on to try and crack the top 4 any time in the near distant future then he will be just fine for them. You have to fear for Barton can’t see him being there much longer can’t see him and Sparkey rubbing along too nicely. Anyway every cloud has a silver lining, I’m sure the stamp licker ooops sorry the football adminstrator Marwood is rubbing his hands together now that he has an outlet to offload Crocky and the rest of sh*t Hughes left us with.” – Mike D

Fulham fans from Cottage Corner

“The only thing Mark Hughes looked to do was to build his career/image. HE EVEN SAID AS MUCH. Under Mark Hughes we got into europa through fair play. That was his only saving grace and he didn’t even want that. Aside from that, what did he do? He came in, spent a bunch of money for short term gain at the expense of the long term outlook of the club. He did not build our club or look to the future save for the Dembele signing, I have trouble finding one thing he did right. He completely let the players run the club. This is akin to letting the inmates run the asylum. With inmates running the asylum, he then walks out! Leaving our club to face a long season with no manager.” – Status Vii

“Wouldnt say set us back, but he didnt do much apart from carry on where RH left off and add an more adventurous side to our game. He wasted money on Halliche and Salcido. He will waste money at QPR on Bridge, Onouha and RSC if they can buy him out of his loan. He got us to 8th so credit for that. But i have no respect for the man whatsoever and i hope he struggles with QPR. I cant see this as nothing other than to get back in the game and move on to that ‘bigger club’ he has been chasing for so long.” – ChrisBairdsRightPeg

“While I think he’s likely to keep QPR up, his management career hasn’t been anything special – certainly not to warrant the huge ego he seems to have. I agree with the sentiment of the original poster. Jol is taking on the hard task that Hughes clearly didn’t fancy: rebuilding an ageing squad with, for the most part, not a huge amount of dosh to spend. I bet Hughes only signed the contract at Loftus Road after he’d been assured a sh*tload of money to spend.” – Earslfield White

“Hughes always gave the impression he did not want to be here and was above us, he took every opportunity to claim credit and I cannot remember him ever identifying himself with either the players or club. Did he ever say I or the royal ‘we’? I can only remember him saying , the Team, the Club, the Chairman.” – michael owens

“No doubt when one of the higher profile clubs comes along he will be off. If Hughes thought he was bigger than Fulham then he certainly feels he is bigger than QPR. Watch out for future fireworks.” – Realistic

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