Man Utd fans react to Park Ji-sung’s QPR move


Park Ji-sung playing for Manchester United
Park… Spark (Img: Gordon Flood)
Football Burp visits Manchester United fan forums Red Cafe and Man Utd Talk to gauge opinion on Park Ji-sung’s move to QPR after seven years at Old Trafford, during which time the South Korean midfielder made over 200 appearances for the Red Devils, regularly making Sir Alex Ferguson’s starting line-ups for the big games (and of course always scoring against Arsenal)…

omardalvi, Red Cafe

Was really a hardworking player, always gave his all. Will really miss him. He has really served very well to our club.
Good luck to him for his future.

Becks’disciple, Man Utd Talk

The lad was a liability last season. More so than any player I’ve seen in a red shirt. Atleast the other poor footballers that have played for us rarely got to play, instead he was even picked for some of our biggest games. No doubt he’s done a good job for us over the years, but times move on and thank god he left. This will stop some of those shocking team selections that fergie sometimes makes.

Annihilate Now!, Red Cafe

His performance (particularly first-half) against Chelsea in the home league game in 2011 which we won 2-1 is one of my favourite performances from a United player in recent times.

Spoonman Red, Man Utd Talk

Not the most technically gifted nor best in the attacking third. But boy: what a worker who could come up with a crucial goal when it mattered.

I remember a girl I was dating at the time saying to me once “Why have United still got Park? He’s crap”. I took the high ground and refrained from taking the piss out of most of around 70% of the players who played for her club (Arsenal) and kept a dignified silence. . . About six months later. I’d split up with her and United played Arsenal. Who scores the first goal? Of course, good ‘ol Ji-Sung. I didn’t see her face as that goal went in, but I imagined it. . . Fantastic.

It’s probably the right time for him to go though. He’s had a good spell at the club but has marginalised more and more over the past year. Good luck Parkie. . . See you around.

Sw33t, Red Cafe

His performance against AC Milan in the CL a couple of years ago when we won 4-0 was brilliant. He’s had some belters. Love little Ji. <3

SimplyGiggs, Man Utd Talk

I do think people underestimate his technical ability. Hard work only gets you so far but this was a player consistently being a game changer in huge games where they were tight and we didn’t have much of the ball. That said I think QPR are getting a player who is well past it in my opinion and can’t see him improving their side too much.

dmode, Red Cafe

This is a very bad decision to let him go unless it is him who took the decision… i just hope that this won’t bite back at us.

Baxter, Red Cafe

Why? Last season he was pretty crap, and he didn’t really play a lot of games. I love Park, but he deserves to play and as he’s getting older the chances of him getting games would have reduced even more. To be frank, he no longer is good enough to play regularly for us.

MikeyM, Man Utd Talk

Well thanks for everything Ji – he gave all he had every time he crossed the white line and you can’t ask any more than that. Saw him live in 2006, deceptively quick across the ground as well.

togg, Red Cafe

Never complained, never moaned…we never heard anything negative about him. Great servant and dam hard nifty worker who energised United like mad for most of the seasons we had him

I think he won four championships, three league cups and a Champions League medal with us, which proves just what an influential player he was for us..

good luck Ji….and thanks

RedDevilCanuck, Red Cafe

He was a great player for us.

The level of his performances in huge games for us proves.

The ‘headless chicken’ or ‘average squad player’ brigade don’t know what they are talking about.

Average players don’t get picked for big CL games or games against Chelsea and Arsenal.

Thanks for the memories Ji.

Fabio and Park will make QPR watchable next season. If they didnt’ get these players I would hate them forever for giving up against City.

mightberight, Red Cafe

I think times like these really separate the chaff from the fan base. How can you not love a player who, despite not being a technical genius, gave his all, put in some brilliant performances, scored some crucial goals, never complained and did everything with a smile?? Of course, some don’t appreciate all he did, but I think the response from this board is a wonderful tribute.

Goodbye Ji, gonna have to look out for QPR now despite their last minute clusterfuck.

What are your memories of Park Ji-sung, Manchester United fans? How do you see him fitting into Mark Hughes’s side, QPR fans? Have your say in the comments section below…