Liverpool fans digest suckerpunch West Brom defeat

Liverpool fans
Liverpool fans… Not best pleased (Img: Jon Candy)

Brendan Rodgers and his Liverpool side saw their hopes of a top four finish effectively ended last night by a 2-0 defeat to West Bromwich Albion at Anfield, the Baggies grabbing two late goals after Steven Gerrard had missed a penalty for the Reds.

Football Burp visited the Red and White Kop message board to see what the folk there had to say about this latest crushing defeat…

Liverpool 0-2 West Bromwich Albion


Embarrassing result mind, Brendan better not make excuses here.

West Brom’s gameplan beat Rodgers’s system.


I feel like being sick.

So frustrating to miss the penalty and then….


Wake me up when the season is over.


Feel like I’ve had my guts ripped out…

How do you go from having a penalty, to conceding in 5 minutes, when the other team hasn’t had a shot all game?



Coutinho looked very good. YNWA!


Deserved that result, that fan exodus and that Chorus of Boo’s.

Terrible, we had it on a plate.

Borini, seriously needs a night out on the town.


agger is shocking
Johnson was terrible
Shelvey was lost

sturridge was missed


The kind of frustrating game we’ve seen at Anfield for years. Badly missed Sturridge up front. Suarez can’t do it alone. Johnson/Enrique poor.


I knew early in the second half we would lose this to like their one and only chance. When Gerrard missed the pen, it confirmed it.

At least now some of the more optimistic (deluded) of us can get that thought of 4th out of their heads.

Joseph-Immanuel Queen

One step forward, two steps back. Not even surprised anymore.


Reminds me of Kenny’s home games. Attack, attack, attack, worldie save, attack, concede, attack, hit on the break.

19 shots with 5 on-target to their 3/2 I think it was. Mad.


Needed one of the Arsenal City games to go our away. Players worked so hard in those games, the 3 points would have given them the confidence. Also, those 3 points would have meant very less pressure in fact more like if we win today, we will equal Everton. That didn’t happen and today no Sturridge and the pressure of all other results showed. 0-2 does not do justice to the game. One of these days we are going to be a little lucky.


Laughable if only it was another team.. Just knew Gerrard would miss, just knew they’d score..

Lucas and Downing were top class.. The rest of the team were gash, some of them need to take a long hard look at themselves and remember who they play for – simply not good enough.

Rodgers got it wrong starting Shelvey, he was expecting a reaction from a player with the ego the size of an iceberg – we changed our formation and it didn’t work, Suarez was isolated like he was the first half of the season..

Disapointing to say the least.


That is it. The season will taper off now. You can see the players couldn’t give a stuff. Their confidence is shot and I’m not sure they believe in their system or each other when the chips are down.

For once I turn to Rodgers for answers on this. These players, their heads aren’t in it. When the need to win is on, they bottle it every time.


I actually feel ill

Goodbye sleep.

Ive never seen a Liverpool team walk around Anfield when 1-0 down.


Starting to loose patience with Rodgers that pains me to say but he’s starting to resemble the Ayre of football management all talk and no trousers


So our two most effective players – Downing and Henderson – are taken off.
Johnson has left his brain in the frigging dressing room.
Borini couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo.
Gerrard is back to early season form.
Less said about Enrique the better.

Utter shambles. Where was the team who bossed City in their own back yard?! Grow some balls.


Football died tonight lads

May as well scrap the entire concept if doing nothing for 90 minutes is enough to win games


Wuk in progress, teams need time, wukking together, disappointed in the young lads.

Waste of space.


I’m gonna go ahead and stifle my frustration for the moment and just give some credit to Steve Clarke. A very good defensive performance without playing negative, bus-parking Stoke-type football.

As for us…ugh.

Do you still believe in Brendan Rodgers’s management, Liverpool fans? Have your say in the comments section below…