Leeds fans react to Snodgrass’s Norwich move


Robert Snodgrass playing for Leeds United against Arsenal in the FA Cup
Snodgrass… Gawn (Img: Wonker)

Scottish International and Leeds United captain Robert Snodgrass has decided to leave Elland Road and join former teammates Jonny Howson (also a former Leeds captain) and Bradley Johnson at the Carrow Road home of Delia Smith’s Norwich City. One of a number of key Leeds United players to leave in recent years, the announcment has prompted a range of emotions from the Leeds faithful, at least if the Leeds United Football Network forum is anything to go by…

First, though, here are some great Snodgrass moments:

Carl Shutt the Barca Boy!

Laters snod, would wish him best of luck but I have grown to have a loathing for all things Norwich as they seem obsessed with our promotion winning team, enjoy the relegation battle!.
Thanks for the memories, although fleeting, and I’ll personally enjoy with great satisfaction Leeds taking norwich’s place in Pl next season, one more year would not have killed yer me jock pal!


Thanks for your efforts Snoddy : looking forward to seeing your successor and in NW’s more hard-working team : I believe you will live to regret taking the Norfolk wedge and leaving our great club and unbeatable fan-base.


lets be honest – we are a team going nowhere, why would anyone with prem ambitions want to stay?

he can get prem football on double the wages, its a no brainer for him


Snoddy’s been a good player in many average Leeds
teams and has done well for us BUT it’s time for
him to go IMO.

we’ll have a fit, strong team with pace this year
and Snoddy doesn’t fit into that, it shows his
level when only Norwich made a bid for him.

good Champ player but not Prem class IMO.

can’t see Micah Richards $h1tt-ing himself at the
sight of Snoddy ambling down the wing.


fee undisclosed and i point out again our midfield now replacing the norwich midfield that beet us to the prem grayson was given to long


Why rail against Snoddy, he stuck in a good shift while he was here. He often looked like the only player willing to have a go and he’s given us some great memories. Don’t confuse this with an undying loyalty though. He’s stuck with us while the arrangement suited him. When a better offer came along, he’s gone for it. I don’t really buy all this lack of ambition crap; he wouldnt be going to Norwich if that was the case. Bates with all his faults and the fans opinions more or less united against him just offers Snoddy a convenient scapegoat.

It’s a business to Snoddy. Just remember that and thank him for the shift he put in for us.

Ross’ Bitch…

His head was turned a long time ago and no doubt Howson sold Norwich to him. Thanks for the memories Snodgrass. One of our great players over the last few years and when we look back at the bad times in League 1 and the Championship it will be players like Snodgrass that we shall think of. Time to look forward now though and trust in the replacement NW gets. We’ll find a new hero to look at and if Snoddy doesn’t want to be apart of the great times ahead well then that’s his loss!

Lord Snodgrass…

I have been through the whole gamut of emotions since the bomb dropped earlier today.(Apart from positive ones of course).

So I have held fire from commenting till now, so as I could give a more reserved balanced opinion.

I am obviously very disappointed, mainly because it gives me the impression that there isn’t a multi billionaire owner on the way. Also I think we are going backwards as a club at the moment, selling Snoddy and Clayton and buying the players we have doesn’t impress me.

I hope a few decent signings will be made in the next week or I can honestly see us struggling.

Warnock must be a worried man.

Goodbye young Robert, good luck in the premiership, I will be watching with interest, unless Leeds are playing then I won’t give a flying f-u-ck.

Blind Pilots…

Re: Snodgrass
Whats your new moniker going to be M`lud………

Lord Snodgrass…

Re: Lord Snodgrass
I am currently giving it great thought BP, I was trying to come up with an anagram of Snodgrass but the longest word I can get out of it is Go-nads.

Lord Go-nads.

Not good is it.

I suppose I could do a tribute to my mate Rids

Lord Drossnags

I like that one I think.


Re: Lord Snodgrass
Lord so grand ass

Ridsdale’s Goldfish…

Re: Lord Snodgrass
Loads of lads on here have player names from yesteryear in their usernames.

Ok maybe not those of over rated money grabbing Judas’s but the do have em all the same.

Lord Snodgrass…

Re: Lord Snodgrass

might go with that.

I also might just stick with my given name.

Anyhow this is a serious thread about a very sad situation, not about my username.

Back to being depressed.


I honestly believe this is a blessing in disguise..and that we will eventually replace snodgrass with a much pacier and more talented attacking midfielder…But in the meantime,i am still looking forward to this coming season…knowing that we will have a much stronger defence,and dare i say it..a more controlled midfield…. and a pretty strong subs bench too.And i’m going to stick my neck out now and predict that 2 stars will be born at elland road next season….

*Poleon* & *Austin*

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