Gareth Bale masterclass leaves Spurs fans drooling

Gareth Bale of Spurs
Bale… Making hay (Img: Allison Pasciuto)

Gareth Bale produced another match-winning performance, scoring both goals for Tottenham Hotspur in Saturday’s 2-1 win over Newcastle United at White Hart Lane, so Football Burp [aid visits to Spurs Forum, The Fighting Cock and Glory Glory to see how excited folk were by watching him offset by how concerned they are of losing him…

Gareth Bale: He’s a bit good

pompower, The Fighting Cock

Bale is a situation. Jesus.

Spaceman, Glory Glory

such a pleasure to watch a player like this at spurs

Jurgen the German, Glory Glory

Quite simply one of the best performances I’ve seen from a Spurs player at the lane in a long, long time!

nicktheagent, Spurs Forum

Without Bale we would have lost today. What a performance.

If we qualify for CL I believe he will stay. If not, £40m and he’s off I would think.

Can’t imagine the team without him at the moment :-(

exscher, The Fighting Cock

Great result, Bale is a true Tottenham star, could be a legend like Hoddle if he stays a few years (please).

Snowballer, Spurs Forum

Somebody’s going to offer to a lot of money for him that’s for sure.
I suppose Levy sees it as a no lose situation.

Papercut, Glory Glory

I hate it that Redknapp Jnr in particular was talking about our wage budget, Bale leaving, etc. I’m not comfortable with the son of our previous manager stating that we need to make changes at the club and saying Bale could get £200k per week – we know. I find it totally disrespectful to our fans. Talk about how good he is but don’t go saying that he’s pretty much too big for us!

El Guepardo, Glory Glory

Well, there’s no way we can improve our wage budget and so we can’t be the biggest stage for players like Bale at the moment. We need to move to the new stadium first, have success there with regularly qualifying for the Champions League and, perhaps then, we can gradually increase the salaries that we can pay our players.

As it stands we will need to be content with buying players who are big fish in smaller ponds, or who have the potential to be great, and hoping that they can achieve their potential with us.

Bale is as good as he is going to be for us, he will either leave this summer or next summer but we will then receive circa £50m. If we invest that by signing 2 players, each at a value of £20m roughly and who each have excellent potential then perhaps this will give us the opportunity to strengthen as a team. Won’t be easy replacing Bale but it’s a job that will likely be faced by AVB and a challenge which AVB will have to thrive with if we are to succeed in strengthening as a team and becoming better and better with each season.

Nevill_H, The Fighting Cock

Can someone give me an un-bias view, is Bale, when he plays like he did today- at his absolute ‘best’ as good as Ronaldo?

He’s not as good as Ronaldo, his consistency shits all over Bale’s but Bale matches him on days like this, surely ?

SanDiegoYiddo, The Fighting Cock

What Bale has done over the last few weeks is what Ronaldo does 52 weeks a year. So yeah kinda.

Do you think Gareth Bale could be as good as Ronaldo, Spurs fans? Have your say in the comments section below…