Fulham fans pay tribute to Danny Murphy

Fulham fans pay tribute to Danny Murphy
Danny… Murphy (Img: Nick)
Football Burp popped over to Fulham forums Friends of Fulham and Cottage Corner to see what the Craven Cottage faithful had to say about their departing captain Danny Murphy, who has joined relegated Blackburn Rovers after five years and just under 200 appearances for the west London club…

Scrumpy, Friends of Fulham

Would it be fair to say that he’s been our most successful Captain ever? I think so.

He should be very proud of that, and will always get a great welcome at the Cottage.

Jazua, Cottage Corner

Yes – great player…even in this last season when his legs were starting to go. Superb footballing brain that made up for his lack of pace etc. We always looked a far better team when he was in the side and always struggled when he was not! Will be sorely missed and I wish him all the best….hopefully club will someday think to bring him back in some sort of coaching role when he hangs up his boots – definately future managerial material.

Admin, Friends of Fulham

I think the time is right for both Danny and Fulham Football Club. With Danny being 35 in September, I think the pace of the Championship will suite him a lot better and he may get another couple of years out of his career. Like it or not, Danny was slowing up over the past 2 seasons and even though he still had a killer pass, he was getting caught quite a bit on the ball. Unfortunately, Danny is not getting any younger, Fulham are progressing and at some point we were always going to part ways. People say we could have got another year out of Danny, I’ve always said a replacement should have been found 2 seasons ago.

Lewis Johnston, Cottage Corner

Legend gets used very much by fans in the modern game alot but its fair to say. With all his fantastic achievements and a great captain. Murphy does quaifry as a true fulham legend.

The Bronsons, Friends of Fulham

Nobody gets younger ever, and everybody over 24 is slowing down. But the best people mature. They keep learning, and they get better at sharing what they know. And if they have one very special skill – reading the game, organising play on the field, passing ability, or taking penalties – it’s the last thing to go.

Danny was a fantastic captain, and he hasn’t lost any of that yet – in fact, he’s got better and better. Add the ability to score every time we got a penalty, and he’s going to be a tough act to follow.

All respect, Danny. You may think you’re a scouser, but for us, you are bleeding all white.

Baird Necessity, Cottage Corner

The pass for the 3rd Goal away at Man Citeh 2008
The goal at Portsmouth 2008
The pass to Simon Davies for the goal against Hamburg
3 Things that make him a legend in my eyes.

Boggers, Friends of Fulham

Goodbye and good luck Danny, but for your little bald head we’d probably have ‘done a Leeds’.

Hangeland for captain?

Robert Cossey-Mowle, Cottage Corner

Yes.He hardly went sick always was commited to Fulham and our supporters.produced some fine football, was one of the best Captains we had as there was never any trouble on the pitch and our team was always one of the best behaved.led us to our first European final had an educated footballers brain and will go onto become a possible Manager of the future.He played well for liverpool but the best Football of his long career was at Fulham.Will be missed as Murphy was Fuham cultured passing and pleasing on the eye.good luck at Blackburn but if we get you in the Cup we will thrash you!

JBH, Friends of Fulham

I don’t think losing Murphy is an issue, he is 35 his legs have been going for the last 2 seasons Diarra will replace him and he has the quality to do so, by joining Blackburn Murphy himself has basically said that he can’t handle the week in rigors of the Premiership.

Brede will be our captain and he is very much a key member of the squad and Big Martin will bring in the players he needs to compliment a squad that is getting its average age down at last.