Fulham 1-3 Spurs: What the forums say…

Football Burp looks back over the weekend’s Premier League action, wonders what manner of buzz is sweeping through the notoriously fickle yet frequently entertaining world of online fans’ forums, reproduces a selection of comments for your delectation. Next up, the fallout from 5th-placed Tottenham Hotspur’s 3-1 win at 16th-placed Fulham

Fulham 1-3 Tottenham Hotspur
Defoe... Wrong one

Fulham fans say…

“We were outstanding yesterday. the result was a freakish thing. Ok Riis is not what he was but the team performance is key and the team really functioned brilliantly! I am usually accused of being negative but can only find good things to say about the last two games, I think we just may have turned an important corner. I believe if AJ would have been fit we would have won, he makes a difference, as it was we should have won in a canter. regarding the Moose, he is awesome (sorry for the americanisation but it is the best word), if we keep him he will develop into one of the greatest players we have ever had. the big issue with Moose is finding the best position for him.
And schwarzer is imense too, the best ‘keeper ever for Fulham I have seen (including EVS). Stockdale will be great too and there will come a time we have to make a change, but surely not yet.” – andy, cc.fulhamfc.com/forum

“How we lost today i’ve no idea, first half we was pretty but no punch, and i wasn’t surprised to be losing, but 2-0 was beyond a joke. Second half we was superb, cant believe we didn’t win, a draw would have been an injustice. But why bring on Etuhu when chasing a game? JAR should move aside for Briggs,apart from that we are a fecking good side, when the luck turns we will move up. COYWS.” – FatFreddysCat, www.friendsoffulham.com/forum

“cant see us winning any games out of arsenal,Manchester united,liverpool, and even swansea with the way they are playing. yes we played well second half BUT we were 2 goals down, spurs just got complacent and allowed us back in. Finishing was shocking, dembele cant hit a barn door, zamora has lost that sweet left foot he had. dont get me started on riise and his defending ability….an absolute waste of money as he cant cross,cant defend. only games i can see us getting the three points is bolton at home and maybe norwich away. anyone at the match today can see that we had 26 shots on target and scored 1 solitary goal. its a joke. Happened against villa, blackburn,everton.. We fail to put chances away and it was bound to catch up with us. i hate the way jol has ruined this team over one summer.” – cottage cheese, cc.fulhamfc.com/forum

Spurs fans say…

“People, reporters, seem to love saying how “lucky” Spurs were. I didn’t see too much “luck” involved personally. We made our own luck by throwing everything in the way of those Fulham attacks. We simply do not see that from Spurs sides usually and it was wonderful to see – let us not forget that Manchester City succumbed to a similar Fulham onslaught having been 2 nil up. It wasn’t just our doggedness that was un-Tottenham-like, we were extremely efficient in front of goal. We’ve always created chances, but often in such games we’ve been a little wasteful. Proper teams, teams that win titles no less, are able to win such games when they’re outplayed in possession by not just seeing out opposition attacks any way they can, but by also being able to be ruthless in front of goal and score what few opportunities they might have. That epitomises Spurs on Sunday.” – basskadet, www.tottenhamhotspurs.tv/forum

“I have to say I was very upset when we signed him. I knew he was a decent keeper, it wasnt like I didnt rate him or anything like that. I am a huge fan of Gomes, and think he has such potential he can be one of the best in the world. Friedel, due to his age is only ever a short term fix – but long enough his presence will likely see Gomes leave before his use runs out. I was not happy at all that in effect we have given up on Gomes. Im still not. That said, Ive been very impressed with Friedel – his communication in particular. He brings a calmness to defence, owns his box and really is doing a great job.” – nayimfromthehalfwayline, glory-glory.co.uk

“I’m guessing people are saying we didn’t play well because Fulham had a lot of play in our third? Sure, they did . . . but we defended fookin’ heroically. That’s part of football no? That in my eyes means it was a good performance. King, Parker, Walker, Kaboul and Friedel were fookin’ out of this world, and that’s five players playing well, so why do we think we played shite? If five different players played well, say, Van der Vaart, Bale, Adebayor, Modric and Lennon (Not that I think any of them particularly played poorly) then the game would have been played more in their third and we would’ve said we played incredibly. See what I’m trying to say? It’s refreshing for me to see us win games in this style, like we did against Blackburn, like we did yesterday. Obviously I would like to see us play in the same style as we did against Liverpool and QPR every week, but this is the hardest league in the world, it’s just not possible to do so every week . . . but when that Champions League theme tune is bellowing round WHL next year, reckon we are gonna care about the way we had to scrap for a few of our wins? Lets not get short sighted, last season we couldn’t win in this way at all, so enjoy it. Give the defense praise for once as it was their turn to show how fookin’ good they are rather than the Bales, and Van der Vaarts.” – contrastwww.tottenhamhotspurs.tv/forum