Forum Thread of the Week: “If you weren’t a QPR fan, would you want us to go down?”

QPR stadium Loftus Road
Loftus Road… Insert Championship football here (Img: Matt Churchill)

Football Burp’s message board thread of the week comes courtesy of Queens Park Rangers fans from QPR forum qprdot.org, who responded to the Hoops’ dismal 4-1 defeat at Swansea City by asking themselves the following question…

If you weren’t a QPR fan, would you want us to go down?

stainrod’s elbow…

Sadly, it’s got to be ‘yes’, hasn’t it?

If ever a club summed up that hoary cliche about everything that’s wrong with Premier League football, our basket case club is it.

We’ve lost our soul! Now what?


Yes. We’re like a Tesco version of Man City and Chelsea.


As in we have have bought horse/donkey meat, correct sir.


I’m a QPR fan and I want us to go down….because we were not ready for this division and quite frankly we’ve been embarrassing more often than not ever since we returned

Loan Ranger

We will be seen as the “how not to handle promotion and money” team for future promoted clubs.


I can see “doing a QPR” being added to the dictionary of football.


There are some bad teams in The Premiership this season, but we’re the worst.

Definitely deserve to go down.

What would be your answer to the question at hand, QPR fans? Have your say in the comments section below…