Everton fans react to Cahill departure

Tim Cahill
Cahill… Punched his last English corner flag (Img: nicksarebi)
Australia star Tim Cahill is set to leave Everton for New York Red Bulls after eight years at Goodison Park, so Football Burp toddled along to various Toffees fan sites to gauge their reaction to the departure of one of David Moyes’s finest signings. First, though, let’s relive some of Cahill’s best moments in a Blue shirt…

Major Clanger, NSNO

It’s a shame he wasn’t given a proper send-off.

I’m in two minds about this because as much as I love him (or probably because I love him), it was awful to see him struggle last season and I don’t want that to be what he’s remembered for. He deserves to be remembered for all the inspirational goals he scored, the way he repeatedly made billionaire City’s defence look like a bunch of no-hopes, the way he managed to pull the same trick at corners against the best prepared defences in the world time and time again, starting from the goal line and threading his way ahead of his marker, triumphantly powering a header in the back of the net, the way he leaped and towered over much larger men, as if a scene from a training DVD entitled “Heading Masterclass”, the way he dished it out but was equally prepared to take it and of course that famous interview with Arteta.

Age is unforgiving though and he’ll be missed more from the dressing room than from the pitch.

DT, The People’s Forum

Great buy, great guy and I dread to think where we’d be without his goals over the years.

Hope he enjoys every minute out there, good luck to the lad.

ah11984, Grand Old Team

Having to sell a modern day legend for a nominal fee is hard to take. So many crucial goals, always gave 100% , infact one of the reasons i believe he had less impact the last 2 seasons because he would play through knocks and injuries. Love the man.

School of Science, NSNO

Just seen the yellow banner on ssn,feel a little sad at the moment,even though his time has perhaps come to go,like all players,heroes there time will come to.Good luck Tim,one of the best signings DM ever made

Drew O’Neall, Toffeeweb

If he does, he will go with my blessing haven given his best years to Everton.
Complete pro in the best sense of the word and a credit to our club and some of the great players who have gone before.

David Moyes said once that you have to be careful who you introduce in to this group of players and I always thought that he meant he had a squad of old fashioned style pros who generally didn’t have their heads twisted round by big money and agents.. I think we have been lucky in that sense at Everton and although not everyone agrees, I’d rather have Cahill, Jags, Baines, Carsely etc than Adebayour, Tevez et al and all the Sky Four bullshit that comes with it.

Col, The People’s Forum

That could be a great move for him and us

He’d do well in US footy, he might be on his last legs for us last season, but he is head and shoulders above a lot of what is in the MLS

Perhaps it could pave the way for a permanent Donovan deal to us, given you deal with the MLS as much as the clubs

I have no doubt after his career he will be something of an ambassador for the club as well, wherever he ends up.

caught, Grand Old Team

I don’t think we need to replace Cahill necessarily, but if we fail to make any additions from now it will be perfectly clear that we’re desperately shuffling things around due to the incorrect assumption Baines would be leaving.

Tim, for everything, thank you. The goals you scored have been priceless, and the commitment you displayed is rare in football today. You are a throwback to halcyon days – a modern legend. Your eight years have been a strange era for this club, but you have represented the idealism and faith that has got Evertonians through a lot. All the best.

David Barks, Toffeeweb

Will be sad to see him go, but it’s a good time. MLS will love him, he’ll be a fine representative for them as well as Everton in the US. Looking forward to them playing all those past goals of his, the overhead kick against Chelsea, his goals against the reds, punching up the corner flags. That Everton jersey should be getting a lot of TV time during MLS matches now. I can see him banging them in left and right for New York with Henry. He only ever served this club well, best of luck to him. He’s earned a few years of working in the sunshine.

bluestevie, NSNO

Gutted, Tim’s up there on the list of my all time favourite players and yeah his formed dipped his last two seasons but what a contribution he made the 6 before that. Will always be welcome back to GP, wonder what odds on him playing against AEK as a farewell?

Ray Robinson, Toffeeweb

Have supported Everton for over 50 years and it’s always tempting to hark back to early days when choosing your favourite players – but Tim has to be up there with the best of them. A great professional, a real lionheart and a great ambassador for the club. Am gutted that he’s leaving but it’s probably for the best all round.
Favourite memory? Strangely, has to be the header in the last few minutes at Sunderland when we won 1-0. There weren’t too many Blues there that day as it was New Years Eve but it was bedlam when he planted his header into the net. That gave us 20 points at the turn of the year and gave us the impetus to turn round a season that had started so disastrously.

Good luck Tim. A real Evertonian.

How will you best remember Tim Cahill, Everton fans? Have your say in the comments section below…