Everton 2-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers

Everton’s 2-1 victory over Wolverhampton Wanderers at Goodison Park lifted David Moyes’ side clear of the relegation zone but heaped the pressure on Mick McCarthy, who felt aggrieved at the penalty decision which ultimately won the Toffees the game. Join Football Burp in taking a sneaky peak at various reactions from the notoriously fickle world of online fans’ forums…

Leighton Baines' late penalty gave Everton a 2-1 win over Wolverhampton Wanderers at Goodison Park.
Baines... Pre-mod (Image courtesy of Nick from Bristol, UK)


preno from members.boardhost.com/peoplesforum said…

“PR battle lost again this week by Blue Union. Less than half protested compared to last time out – not that it was one man & his dog (you lackey Sharp) Left me shaking head yet again at the buffoonery of most footie fans: Fellis’s signed – all is well. BK was sliming all over Radio Merseyside last night (yes we won so he was on) How saddened he was at protests when we are so well run as a club..oh just feck off will you.

I’d be made up if Ian Ross went renegade and spilled the lot next week.. the media cushion BK has between him and true exposure is still far too plumped up for my liking… Sharp, Stuart Hall, Martin Samuel, Cahill, Jonathan Pearce… it’s a long list of cronies..
The match? It was shite. 2 bald men fighting over a comb in effect… technically awful both sides.. Barca it was not.. Fans are surprised we are lacking the final ball when in 2011 we have sold Pienaar & Arteta.”

kingstontoffeeblue from bluekipper.net said…

“I watched the match on sky last night, and in the first half there was a period that Jags
had the ball 13 times, and: One….went sidewards to heitinga. One….went to Hibbo (I think). The rest were hoooofed upfield to absolutley nobody apart from Wolves players. I noticed that Heitinga played the ball through midfield, apart from 3 times. We need another centre half with ball skills i am afraid

aje from members.boardhost.com/peoplesforum said…

“hard fought but we deserved that. I don’t think our pen was any less dodgy than theirs, they even out. We had the better chances, and more possession. bottom line is that it’s about getting 3 points at this stage, and we ground them out. thought Heitinga looked good apart from one missed header. Hibbert is better going forward than people give him credit for. Jags was good. We missed someone dominant alongside Fellaini but Osman did well I thought – he won his share of headers

Coleman looked better than he has done for a while and with Drenthe we’ve finally got pace down both flanks. Would have liked to see Vellios on earlier, and more drive in midfield – definitely lots to work on. Hardly vintage. But I really don’t care whether Cahill is a legend or gash at this point, i’m just happy we won against a physical side that took the lead against us”

Wayne Hennessey played well for Wolverhampton Wanderers in their 2-1 defeat at Everton.
Hennessey... Did well (Image courtesy of Biser Todorov)

Wolverhampton Wanderers

SilverstoneWolf from www.the-wolf.co.uk said…

“As a founder member of the ‘happy clappers’, I have to say that was desperate. The view from the stand was awful (not been there before – won’t be going again) but didn’t stop me witnessing a really poor effort from Wolves.

Everton are a side on an awful run, low on confidence, and the crowd beginning to turn against them. So why didn’t we really give it a go? With Chelsea and Man Utd away as the next 2 travels, this was surely one to target as a potential WIN. But we looked awful on the rare occasions we had the ball. No creativity AT ALL from middle or front. Tim Howard was a complete spectator and should be charged £31 like the rest of us, not be PAID to stand and stare….

And when we DO have the ball, Henry AND Milijas sink back and join the back four (who apparenty aren’t capable themselves of passing the ball 10 yards and have to have a midfielder to do it for them) so there are just 4 Wolves players in front of them, and 11 Everton ones. Is it a surprise we end up shoving it back to Wayne and lumping it forward for Doyle to mis-control and hand it back?
VERY disappointed.”

WolvesAreBoringOnCeefax from www.molineuxmix.co.uk says…

“There’s no doubt mick has changed wolves for the better BUT you need to live in the here and now and in my opinion since promotion we’ve stood still. Now that’s a good thing in terms of not being relegated but i don’t see many signs that its going to improve any time soon, and one year we’ll run out of luck and get relegated… Aka how wigan are going now. We’ve spent a lot without ever moving on from the championship team, for the likes of Hennessy, ward, jarvis that’s ok, its the berras, edwards etc that are an issue. I’d say if we’re not outside the relegation zone in January, and playing better, you’d have to think mick will be under a lot of pressure”

Flynn from www.the-wolf.co.uk said…

“What do you lot expect? EVERY game in the Premier Lague is tough. Every team in this division has decent players who you cant take for granted.

Everton may have been below us in the table, but you cant take them lightly. They have some top, top players who can cause any team problems.

I shouldnt have to put this, as it is borderline insulting to your intelligence, but this is not The Championship. You cant expect to win any game away from home in this league. The only teams who take a decent amount of points away from home are those up in the top 6 or 7 places. Places which we are years away from even thinking of.

We’ve lost to Everton, they have some quality players. But look at the bigger picture please. We have had a terrible run of form before the Wigan game, but at the same time we dont find outselves in the bottom 3 and havent been in it at any stage this season! There is 26 games or something like that left. There is no point throwing in the towel yet.

Some people seem to want the moon on a stick.”