Embattled Manager of the Week: Roberto Mancini, Manchester City

Roberto Mancini
Mancini… Embattled (Img: Roger Goraczniak)

Manchester City’s defence of the Premier League title looks all but over after Saturday’s 3-1 defeat at Southampton, the latest of a string of poor performances that have had some questioning whether manager Roberto Mancini is the right man to take the club “to the next level”.

Football Burp mosied on down to online City joints Citymancs and Blue Moon to find the Etihad faithful more or less split down the middle on the matter…

Stands accused of…

jay_mcfc, Blue Moon

He’s a goner, no doubt about it. It’s been a really poor defence of our title and considering the CL sacrifice, it has not been good enough. Mancini has not had the ability to improve us ever since Madrid beat us at the Bernabeu and for that he will pay the ultimate price.

There have been mitigating circumstances but generally his management of the club this season has not been good enough. I have defended and defended him, viciously on here at times but I am admitting defeat now.

I will be forever grateful to him for the trophies he has helped to bring us and he will always be a legend in my eyes. But it’s time to move on.

I just hope he stays until the summer and we win the cup.

matrixloaded, Citymancs

Has Mancini lost the dressing room?Sometimes I think he has given preference to his latest signings than those that served the club well over the years.Why is he keeping Jack Rodwell behind who knows the local conditions better than say Garcia?His selection and substitutions been mind-boggling at times.Don’t mention tactics.Laughable

2bluejacko, Blue Moon

the squad we have should be doing miles better than we are doing… got to go for me cos i think he has lost the dressing room as well as his marbles… why the fuck did he play a midfielder at centre half when he had kolo on the bench etc etc

Rowley Birkin QC, Citymancs

I’m still trying to be open minded about Mancini as he may well have been poorly served by others, but I can’t shake the ominous feeling that after Marwood’s team failed to get RvP and the deal for Rossi collapsed after De Jong had been allowed to leave, that Mancini spat the dummy and sulked big time. There was then a distinct lack of leadership coming from the team management through the end of the summer transfer window and into the start of the season.

And yes – there have been some strange decisions. Last night’s team selection was mind boggling.

notts blue, Blue Moon

sick of his tactics and subs

milner should have started today, soon as yaya has come back the midfield look like strangers again,

nasri can fuck off in the summer for all i care, spoilt overpaid pricks who only like playing at home!

c’mon mancini, sinclair has got to be worth a run out, think his pace will of scared them to death today!

BoyBlue_1985, Blue Moon

Yes for me. Its been coming since the summer when he got the hump, the team has been awful since the start of season, nothing has gone better and we have infact gone backwards

Its horrible as he has done so much but the dream and hope has died and you can see it in everyones eyes. Like I said in matchday thread big changes are coming this summer

Thank you Mancini for everything the club and the supporters will always thank you for what you did but its over today was a very icey top of an iceburg that has been crumbling for 7 months

In his defence…

sophisky, Blue Moon

Personally I think it’s too quick to say this.
We haven’t played the same all season, no – but this is an isolated game and as everyone is saying the worst in the mancini era. If we carry on like this till the end of the season and finish in like fourth or something, fair enough. Maybe he is on his way because the powers that be don’t like this, then fair enough, it’s their call. But I just think it’s an over reaction, imo.

Gavin, Citymancs

Sure Mancini has to shoulder much of the blame but so do the players. The players know our tactics well enough and have played them to some effect over the last few years. Those on the pitch today were more than good enough to win the game and they let us down. Also Mancini wasn;t helped by our transfer activity in the summer. We should have got him who he wanted – and quickly. There have been failings throughout the club that have resulted in us being weaker than last season.

The question for now is does the team have the drive to come back from this and win us at least the Cup. Also can the manager provide the lads with alternative game plans.

However the main question in the summer will be whether we will have the commitment and nous to strengthen early in the summer.

Cheadle Blue, Blue Moon

even if he did go, it would take jesus and all his miracles to make some of the ***** we have on our books into top footballers

SWP COME HOME!!, Citymancs

Don’t think he needs to go full stop when he’s a manager winning trophies however if the same thing occurs next season and he fails on all fronts bar one (at the moment) then I will be of a completely different opinion!!

This summer will be his last chance saloon for me, he needs backing with the players that he wants in and then he needs to crack on with forming a side that can challenge against all teams, home and away. Southampton played very well tonight, very well indeed, but the lack of commitment and even a shade of quality shown by far too many City players was an utter disgrace!!

joezilla, Blue Moon

was it his fault joe hart was catching thin air and barry forgot what team he plays for?

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