Embattled Manager of the Week: Dean Saunders, Wolverhampton Wanderers

Molineux… Step forward Mr Adkins? (Img: John Nickolls)

Sunday’s 2-1 defeat to Cardiff City at Molineux left Wolverhampton Wanderers languishing in the Championship drop zone, so Football Burp mosied on down to online Wolves communities WolvesForum.co.uk, Molineux Mix and The-Wolf.co.uk to see what folk had to say about manager Dean Saunders. Suffice it to say, they ain’t happy…

Stands accused of…

Tettenhall Wolf, Molineux Mix

Every time the players start to do anything coherent, Deano changes it.

He is part of the problem. He is well out of his depth.

The Barnsley games we started ok with 442, got ahead, but then he changed the formation to 451. Today, he goes with a really odd starting formation 352. 2nd half we were back to the 442 team (almost) that started the Barnsley game, but it was too late.

He’s hampering any embers of confidence there may be.

Sheriff Fatman, WolvesForum.co.uk

Lose the clown tonight.

Mowgli, The-Wolf.co.uk

Be decisive Mr Morgan your new man cannot get a win for love or money. You have given him two months. He has injected INNEPTITUDE and bolstered us with ABJECT FAILURE. Do it now PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Quirkafleeg, WolvesForum.co.uk

Dean Saunders giving us a mountain to climb with more inept formations and team changes.

JOSWolf, Molineux Mix

Saunders spouting utter tosh as usual after the match. The bloke is utterly deluded. We are screwed with this bloke in charge.
He watched Watford yesterday and thinks we can certainly beat them. He thought the wing back system worked well! Deary me.

Moli, The-Wolf.co.uk

Mr Dean ‘shutthe****upinthepress’ Saunders:

As a manager you have to have a preferred formation.

You have been at Wolves long enough to off assessed the playing staff and decide on what you would see as your best eleven and also the best of the rest for the bench.

You also have been here long enough to have on the training field expressed how you wish to play and put on with the coaching staff the correct sessions to bring this about

Time for us to see if you are up to the job Deano and not just a gob shyte who likes to run his mouth off in the press about all and sundry without proving he can walk the walk others could not in his opinion, next Week Watford will be tough and we could go 9 without a win ….. But ten and Morgan will look like what a lot of us actually think him to be

A tool of the highest order

Henry’s Tackles, WolvesForum.co.uk

Awful team selection from the beginning, experimenting with a formation we have never played and playing 5 at the back. Yet again dicking about with the defence. Doesn’t have a clue what his best squad or formation is. Still will probably come out after the game claiming we should have won.

Enough is enough, were gonna get relegated under this buffoon.

Saunders out.

freddeno, WolvesForum.co.uk

anybody could see we were parking the bus with that starting formation/team..too late changing it around when we are losing..we are hometeam and need wins, play with some attacking players damn it! $#@! off Deano, i have had it with you!

mikic, Molineux Mix

Saunders will take us back $$$$ing years

pavlosmacwolf, WolvesForum.co.uk

I always had a feeling that we would nick this one, then i saw the line up for the first half.
Seriously, does anyone still believe this guy has a clue what he’s doing.
Forget wing backs and all that euro formation crap, he played a back five, at home when we needed 3 points. Totally useless.

He has to quit. NOW!!!!!!

StefanWolves, Molineux Mix

Saunders out, Adkins in. I’ve been one of those that has defended Morgan – and yes he’s made enough mistakes, but have you got the bottle to put your neck on the line and sack another manager this season? Relegation will be disastrous, Saunders is not the man we need going forward. It needs to be done – so $$$$ing do it.

Changes are needed. Adkins in, oh and Moxey out.

Carrotdude, WolvesForum.co.uk

Absolutely clueless once again, has no idea what he’s doing. Give Adkins a call please Mr. Morgan although I’m pretty sure it’s too late for anyone to save us now.

seasidewolf, The-Wolf.co.uk

When he came on board all I heard was that he was “the funniest man in football”.. I heard very little in regards to his ability to manage.

The guys a madman.

Tuco, WolvesForum.co.uk

The man is no better than who he replaced. If you’d have said to me this time last year a nobody like Saunders would be managing Wolves I’d have laughed in your face. He shouldn’t be anywhere near a club like ours. As for the players they should be ashamed of themselves no way we should be where we are. Some of them are on big money, but play like they are 17 year old rookies.

I’m sure he will spout some rubbish shortly and claim a few positives, but if you don’t/can’t win football matches there aren’t any. I have never been as £”!!$% off at Wolves as I am now.

Deano, WolvesForum.co.uk

Worse manager than Hoddle. We played better when we scrapped his dickhead ideas. Sick of his selections, bull$#@! and substitutions an all round shocking manager.

Ironfistedmonk, The-Wolf.co.uk

From the Birmingham Mail;

Dean Saunders says personal pride should be driving his players to beat the drop. (And cos it’s their job, but I get what you are trying to say)
Saunders is yet to win in seven games and faces high-flying Cardiff on Sunday.

“It’s hard to keep me on the floor,” he said. (I know, you keep getting up and doing saft interviews)

“I’ll go down for a day and then I’ll get back up, and that’s the way I’ve been all my career.” (It’s a shame we always seem to be down on a matchday)
“It’s pride. Your pride rules everything in your life. And that’s what I tell the players.” (Good ol tub thumping pride, never mind tactics and working on shape and technique in training, a bit of pride is all you need)

“If you have no personal pride and you don’t care how you play on a Saturday, you will stop and have a cheeseburger and chips when you feel like one.” (OK leave SEB alone, he’s just big boned)
“But if you’ve got pride that you won’t play well if you eat it, you don’t eat it.” (Ok I can feel this metaphor is going to be a classic, quoted for thousands of years to come, hit me with it Deano)

“And you won’t stop by the pub and drink three pints of lager if you’re worried about how you’re going to play in four days’ time, you go home.” (Fucking hell Johnson, just when you were starting to win people over)

“And when your wife puts the food in front of you and you think it won’t make you feel good and if you think it’s going to have the wrong effect on how you’re going to play on Saturday, you won’t eat it, if you’re a proper professional, because all the players’ focus should be on how they play on a Saturday.” (Now it’s getting personal, don’t diss the missus Deano, you don’t wanna go there son, you eat that shit and say how lovely it tastes)

“If my children woke up in the middle of the night before a game, I wouldn’t go to them because it will affect me.” (This metaphor is going ever so slightly tangential now, and also bordering on a case for the NSPCC)

“And when you want to put them in private school, we won’t be able to because I can’t score a goal and when I reasoned with her like that, she agreed to get up instead!” (Dean, please, seek immediate help from a qualified psychologist, I’m sure Jez still has Hoddle’s number, he might be able to reccomend someone)

“I’ve tried these sorts of tactics with the players,” Saunders said. (Get out of my club!!!!!!!!!)

This guy is mental!

In his defence…

Oldgold Wolfcub, Molineux Mix

This team were broken when Saunders came in. It was always going to be a difficult job.
I dont know if Saunders will be a success but at least i am prepared to give him a chance.
I cannot go along with what you and others like because of one reason – You were all saying this before he even had a chance to walk through the door. It sounds as if you really want him to fail.
Even Tom Ross has said that Stale has put us back a year.
If Saunders is still here next season then I will be able to judge him more.

WolvesTowner, The-Wolf.co.uk

Makes no sense getting rid of Saunders now, it’ll take two weeks at least to find someone else and they will take weeks to assess the squad just like every manager needs, by which time it’ll b to late.

We have to stick with him to have any chance of getting out this mess, nobody could walk in here with 13 games max and save us.

Dean Saunders: in or out, Wolves fans? Have your say in the comments section below…