Sssssshhhhhh! - Alan Pardew, Newcastle United
Pardew... Humble (Img: Parka81)

Embattled Manager of the Week: Alan Pardew, Newcastle United

Jonny ForumerWho cares what a bunch of disinterested hacks have to say when you can get the skinny direct from those to whom it matters most? Well, good news – Football Burp’s very own Jonny Forumer, lurker extraordinaire, is here to collate choice message board analysis so you can get the lowdown from the people who really know what they’re on about. Take it away, Jonny…

Morning folks, Jonny Forumer signing in. Newcastle United’s 1-0 defeat to a Kevin Nolan-inspired West Ham United at St James’ Park yesterday left the Magpies more mid-table than a bowlful of nuts, so I hotfooted it down to online Toon Army joints TalkOfTheTyne.com and NUFC-Forum.com to find out what folk had to say about my Embattled Manager of the Week, Alan Pardew…

Alan Pardew of Newcastle United
Pardew… Pride (Img: Parka81)

Jonny Forumer’s Embattled Manager of the Week…

Alan Pardew, Newcastle United

Stands accused of…

kenny_keagal, TalkOfTheTyne.com…

We look like a side with no real system of play . Our best play last season was when we went 4-3-3 (yes I’m banging this drum again). Pardew refuses to implement this for some reason that’s never been explained . If we must go 4-4-2 then it’s either Cisse or Ba, make a decision Alan.

Lack of leadership from the management , players not hitting the heights of last season individually, injuries and European competition with a small squad are all straws weighing on the camel .

alexander, NUFC-Forum.com…

We are playing the worst brand of football I’ve seen in a long time – I think people have right to complain to be honest. Watching football should be entertaining and not dull.

We played a similar brand of football last season bar a few patches of excellence.

Finishing 5th last season was amazing but it was also a bit of a fluke and had a fair bit to do with dreadful showings from big teams (Chelsea). We won’t be there this season, there a plenty of mid-table teams who seem to have more about them than us. Looking at the quality in the side, players in the mould of Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Tiote, Ba etc. Most teams in the league do not have players with this level of quality and we really should be doing better than we are.

Scraping 1-0’s and playing lucky hoofball is not the Newcastle way.

BrassyNUFC, TalkOfTheTyne.com…

its been 11 games of pure disorganised chaos…there is totally no pattern to our game whatsoever, the side looks disjointed, the players look devoid of any ideas

1zebedee23, NUFC-Forum.com…

I hate to say it but our football reminds me of when we got relegated.

Richard-nufc, TalkOfTheTyne.com…

Shocking today, and just when we had a real chance to kick on with a decent run of fixtures. Cisse and ba is a non starter, just doesn’t work. It’s either one or the other. At the moment not one game where we have looked anything but decent, just in patches in certain games, already worried for next week against Swansea. Looking anything but bottom half at present, simply frustrating.


I don’t want Pardew to pull any punches. I might actually have some respect for him if he holds his hands up, admits he’s got it massively wrong and we played like a bunch of amateurs. No doubt it will be the usual spin and lies though.

Long ball after long ball. We might as well played with no centre midfield today, bypassed them every time.

Those that doubt Tiote’s contribution and worth need their heads testing. No way would Diame took the piss like that if he was playing.

As I said after the WBA game, it feels like a chore watching this dross every week. At least we play some nice stuff in the Europa.

Chopper23, NUFC-Forum.com…

said all along Pardew would get found out this season and week by week he keeps proving me right.
he wont get it right because he does not have the ability to even the players have lost faith in him you can tell there no longer interested they not daft they know the system is all wrong

hes lost the dressing room and he was booed off today hes quickly loosing the faith of the fans as a whole, that 8 year contract will only prolong the misery for all of us because we will need to get relegated before the stupid clown gets the boot.

you know exactly what to expect every week he has no other game plan he has no other ideas the fact is he got very very lucky last season and we played s*** in most of our games yet got saved by moments of genius from ba cisse or arfa, now hes lost that he has nothing to fall back on

we are getting worse by the week and will continue to get worse anyone that is not worried needs to get there head out there arse because playing like this we will be lucky to finish 4th from bottom nevermind top 4 that pardew was bleating on about hes in dreamland that fella


I don’t buy the Europa excuse either. We rotate pretty much our entire XI. Not sure that sends out the right message mind. Regardless of how you play, x player plays in the prem, y player plays in Europe. Where’s the reward for doing well in the Europa? Do we ever drop players. Jonas? Simpson?

What also doesn’t help is playing passing football in a 4-3-3 in Europe. Then playing totally different tactics in the league. No wonder the players look confused and f***** off!!

The game was lost today when we brought Shola on. Cisse was crap, but that sends out the message we’re just playing direct and West Ham can sit back. For all the cult hero stuff, Shola has 4 good games a season and I thought he was f***ing awful as well.

Outplayed and out passed by West f***ing Ham. Embarrassing.

In his defence…

Toon_NoMatterWot, TalkOfTheTyne.com…

I said at the game that this defeat will see the first cracks of doom appear.

However, the days of knee jerk reactions are gone. The performance was poor today and the 4-4-2 must be resigned to rare occasions. Especially at home.

This defeat must be used to improve us and that is the beauty of giving a manager time with no shouts for him to be sacked heard at the game anyway. Boo’s are acceptable for a short period which they were.

Grumbles are many for me but ive had me Sunday dinner now and im resigning this game to the archives of ‘The Learning Curve’.
Playing 4-4-2 and humping it long doesn’t work.
Playing with wingers but not taking advantage of their good work doesn’t work.
Mike Williamson doesn’t work.

Ive got that off me chest and i’ll move on to the positive and there was only one.

The link up between Santon and Ferguson showed promise which on another day will bear fruit.

ohsholaameobi!, NUFC-Forum.com…

we’re 10 games into the bloody season! if you think what we’re playing is bad, try watching the mackems, or stoke. Its all fine and dandy you naming our quality players, but we dont have any depth. If one of them gets injured, we dont really have the quality to come in. Are you expecting us to finish 5th again without having strengthened our team? I’d be happy with top 8 finish.

SJP, TalkOfTheTyne…

We were overwhelmed in midfield today and you can put that down to Tiote letting the side down and injury plus Ash for not having a big enough squad. Other than that Cisse was again a passenger and we had little luck

Are you confident that Alan Pardew is right man for the job, Newcastle fans? Have your say in the comments section below…