Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

Liverpool’s second successive victory at Stamford Bridge not only took them level on points with Chelsea but also heaped the pressure on Blues boss Andre Villas-Boas, whose side fell to back-to-back home defeats for the first time in the Roman Abramovich era. Join Football Burp in taking a sneaky peak at various reactions from the notoriously fickle world of online fans’ forums…

One side of Stamford Bridge thought Chelsea striker Didier Drogba had scored when his free-kick hit the side-netting against Liverpool.
Drogba... Side-netting (Image courtesy of Lynchg)


tremberz90 from www.theshedend.com says…

“We’ve been so effective with the 4-3-3 over the years because we’ve had the right kind of players for it, now we don’t. A few years ago we had wingers such as Robben, Duff, J.Cole and SWP. They all had such great pace and agility, and then we’d have Drogba in the middle who is the best target man around. That is the best way to play a 4-3-3 formation, with attacking and fast wingers and a strong target man in the middle. Now, we don’t have any natural wingers other than Malouda (who lacks so much pace now) and Mata (who I believe is best played behind the striker as he likes to have a free role around the pitch).

I’ve said it many times this season when we’ve been struggling and I’ll say it again. We should play a 4-2-3-1. I know AVB used that tactic in the second half against United and Liverpool, both halves we played better than the first in. Why would this formation work better?

Well firstly Fernando Torres was so effective at Liverpool because he had Gerrard sitting behind him. Torres doesn’t work at all well in a 4-3-3 (especially with our wingers), he’s no way near the type of player Drogba is at all. With Mata sitting behind him, I think he’ll see so much more of the ball. Lampard and Ramires/Meireles can sit in the middle as all of them are capable of defending and bombing forward. We all know what Lampard is capable of and Ramires is a typical box-to-box midfielder. When playing better teams, both central midfielders can sit back with Mata being the main outlet in attack in the centre with the two wingers and striker ahead of him. I do believe this is the best formation for our team, especially getting the best out of Torres. With that being said I think that we should get rid of Drogba and Mikel, and get rid of Anelka and Malouda (once we find better wingers).”

haifarul from forums.cfcnet.co.uk says…

“I have been waiting for years for Mikel to deliver an away match drawing or wining performance where he was man of match,sadly I have been disappointed.The truth this guy will never be more then average if that.I’m sure players like Muamba from Bolton ,or any other DM from a lower premiership club wont be any worse.How in how many years he has been here noboby has been seriously linked with him?Maka was not even in the same ball park with him.To play in that position you need a nasty streak (Keane,Mascherano,Busquets,Maka sometimes).This guy is a nice guy,but move him asap,actually ACN can’t come quick enough to see the back of him,Kalou and DD”

kennypaul from theshedend.com says…

“when other players have been criticized ,the amount of plaudits cole has picked up on this and other forums has staggered me.when you read things like ‘great game from ash,didnt put a foot wrong’ you wonder if you saw the same game when he constantly (as sweet waffle said )elects not to use his right foot, and gives a f**@ed up pass to the opposition!

you may have gathered by now i dont buy into the best left back in the world view,never did. and how many times does he get caught out of position,trying to play the hero when there are more than enough attackers up the park,thereby having to scamper back and commit a desperate foul once we lose possession? im not a big fan of bosingwa either,but cole (who i do think is a good player believe it or not,just not a great one) has similar limitations, as in crossing the ball for instance. brew crew mentioned that he seems to spend more time complaining,than actually defending this year.imo he hasnt changed since he became a professional footballer,he was just as bad at arsenal.
lastly one example that stands out of him ‘getting away with it’ if you like,the 3-3 draw with villa last season.jeffrey bruma got absolutely slaughtered for being unable to stop heskey outjumping him for his goal yet hardly anybody said anything about cole not stopping downing from getting the cross in on his weaker foot.
other people have given their views on him over time and i respect them,but for me his pro`s dont out weigh his con`s”

Pepe Reina said Liverpool up for victory at Chelsea with a world class save from Branislav Ivanovic's header.
Reina... Whatabloodysave! (Image courtesy of Danny Molyneux)


Veinticinco de Mayo www.redandwhitekop.com says…

“It was a game that showed the importance of managers I think. Kenny got it tactically right from the off with Mata and Malouda marginalised and Enrique and Johnson surging forward to good effect. It meant we bossed the first half and deserved to be ahead.

AVB reacted well at half time though and changed things around for them, in a tactical switch that exploited space behind our fullbacks and got Mata into the game. They were all over us and after the early equaliser only some resilient defending and a stunning Reina save prevented us from falling behind. We needed to make a change to counteract it and it finally came in the 66th minute with Henderson coming on to bolster the midfield. It gave us a foot back in the game and although Chelsea continued to dominate possession they were no longer threatening as they had and we were looking dangerous on the break at the other end if we could expose the gaps left by AVB’s change. And so we did.

Plus points. Charlie Adam and Lucas looking like a midfield partnership that could prosper for the first time. Good performances from both of them but the additional support they got from Kuyt and Maxi was a huge factor. Bellamy looks like the ideal partner for Suarez, you certainly get the impression that Suarez prefers playing with him and is far more likely to pass to him when in a good position than he is the other options we have tried up there. Henderson looks twice the player as a sub used centrally to the callow youth who starts on the right and looks bewildered.

Minus points. Final ball let us down again. Sometimes poor choices, sometimes poor execution. This led to a weird stat where despite being the better team in that first half and despite creating numerous openings, positions from where we should have created chances, I think the stats showed that our goal was our only shot on goal. A bit more clinical with that final ball and we had chances to put the game to bed before half time.”

thundyr from www.koptalk.co.uk/forums says…

“We were nowhere defensively in the second half until he made that save. Quite frankly Johnson might as well not have played until he got he winner – every single time they attacked our right flank in the second half he failed to stop the cross coming in. Mata went straight through him once as well!

As usual Maxi scored a vital goal but did very little of importance for the rest of the game. Bellamy bustled about but in all honesty he didn’t do much more than Henderson, though his lay-off to Maxi in the box deserves some praise. Kuyt was largely absent too. The real difference was that we suppressed their midfield completely in the first half, and we made our chances count. Adam was immense – his tackling is usually suspect but he did very well in that department all game.

Other than that it was just another average display, quite frankly. Chelsea were no better in that regard – they didn’t impose themselves on the game until the second half, and Drogba was largely absent. But we did the things that I’ve been wanting us to do all season – not disappear entirely during the second half, score the last goal. What a difference it makes, eh?

If only we could do the same when we’re not the underdog.”

rafathegaffa83 from www.redandwhitekop.com says…

“This season has seen some of the more frustrating games in recent memory. We bossed Stoke, Norwich, the Mancs and Swansea, but were unable to pick-up maximum points. This game was a return to the late season form of last year. Like most games this season, we started off brightly and then lost our way around the hour mark. But we managed to get ourselves back into this one and come away with three points. The movement was the key.

Bringing Maxi, a player who doesn’t deserve to be exiled to the fringes of the squad, back into the first-team fold worked a treat. I think that enabled the quartet of Kuyt, Maxi, Suarez and Bellamy to harass the flatfooted Chelsea backline with relative ease. Adam and Lucas got forward on occasion when they could, but their defensive solidity was paramount. This was Adam’s best game in my opinion in a red shirt. When he broke forward with the ball, he drew fouls like he did against United, but he didn’t appear as worn-out or rash in the tackle when having to track back. His pressing started the series of events that brought the first goal. Whereas against Swansea he continually appeared to curl in the same ineffective pass into the keeper’s hands, he proved to be more willing to put the ball into useful areas of space, which allowed Johnson room to score his splendid goal.

While nervy at times, the backline stood their ground again. Skrtel and Agger were excellent. As against Swansea, Reina also looked sharp. Kenny now must refrain from the notion of automatically bringing Carragher back into the fold. The current back four should remain untouched on merit. Jordan Henderson also showed some of the fine potential he has to offer in the years to come with his cameo.

There’s still work to do, but the fight-back was positive, particularly considering we’ve struggled to regain composure and a sense of purpose after conceding. We still need to learn to stop conceding needless goals in the second half. We also require more clinical execution in front of goal. We also need to learn to batter the teams we should be beating like the Norwichs and Swanseas of the league, rather than simply being happy with victories over our rivals. This was a confidence building performance from front to back.”