Bolton fans react to relegation

Bolton Wanderers are relegated to the Championship
Reebok Stadium... Under a cloud (Img: Alexander P Kapp)

Football Burp looks at reaction to Bolton Wanderers’ relegation from Trotters fan sites The Wanderer and Bolton Banter

klasnicks, The Wanderer

It’s sad to see the club go down, but you have to look at the way the Bolton has been ran the last few years, we peaked 2006-2007, and then never replaced the players we lost with those of similar quality, once you start doing that you are destined to go down, like Leeds and other teams before us. Thankfully we’ve got a close squad and as long as we don’t lose the core of the team, we should be fine, as much as Coyle is to blame, he’s gone up with a Burnley squad which was 10 times worse than ours, we’ll be the best team in the Championship next season and no doubt we’ll be back.

There will be no fecking streams to watch next season though as they don’t usually bother with the Championship

Revelations, Bolton Banter

Is Coyle the man to lead us on? UMMMM, I afraid the Jury’s definitely still out on that one, his work with Burnley suggests he’s the man, I’m not completely won over, luckily there is enough experience amongst senior squad members to keep with momentum. I definitely wouldn’t want Owen at the helm after we’ve achieved promotion, he lacks the determination and forceful nature inherent in other Premier League managers.

officer_dibble, The Wanderer

There will be plenty looking to take a shot at us next season. At this moment I highly doubt we will be straight back up – We will be competing with the likes of Wolves, Blackburn with less debt than us, and then some well run Championship teams like the 3 losers of the play offs, Middlesbrough, even Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnley. The casual “we’ll deffo romp that league with holden back” attitude needs to be checked now.

beckhambauer, Bolton Banter

Petrov and SKD maybe worth retaining,the rest ,au revoir and Alonso can go as well,Retain CYL,Mark Davies,Holden.
get a proper formation in place.
if you can spend £8m on Ngog and Sordell why not spend £m? on getting someone who can organise a team.
staying in PL is much easier than getting back in it,innit ?!

Jokers in White, The Wanderer

11 years we have been a established premiership team, we needed to stay there due to our shit finances you don’t make money in the championship so there’s only one way i can see the club going now, all that hard work to get there and then to stay in the premiership have all been undone by owen fcuking coyle we should of changed managers during the season like sunderland did look what happened to them, loyality gets you nowhere in football.

sweetmcdonald, Bolton Banter

Well the writing was on the wall since before Christmas and I’m surprised we managed to hang on and spin it out for as long as we did.
I have been critical of the manager for most of the season but have tried to explain my reasons for being so, but have been criticized for being critical.I never have been quite sure why it’s Ok for posters to criticise me but not for me to criticise others. Anyway enough of the ‘C’ word, the season is over and done with.

We will start next season in a different league but with the same manager and I myself will wipe the slate clean (in my head) and start afresh, looking forward to the fixture list coming out, looking forward to reports of possible signings and looking forward the first match day kick-off.
Who will stay and who will go. Will the young un’s get a chance from the start. Will we spend on one or two or spread what cash there may be available on four or five? All areas need strengthening but if we have a fully fit squad from the start, the mid-field should be good enough for the Championship and a lot better than most of the opposition, so defence and a good, fast, strong (not necessarily young) goal scorer would be the priority if I was incharge.

No comments from me about if we need a new manager until the end of October and hopefully there will be no need for such a debate at all.

jmjhb, The Wanderer

Time to rebuild.

We have Knight, Jussi, Klasnic, Robinson, Steinsson, K Davies, Gardner, Sean Davis, Sam Ricketts, Blake and Petrov out of contract, all of whom are on a hefty wage.

Give K Davies and Ricketts new contracts and f*ck the rest off. I’d like to give Petrov and Klasnic new deals but I doubt they’d be interested.

If we can avoid selling more than 3 of M Davies, Reo-Coker, Lee Chung Yong, Holden, Ngog and Eagles, we should be alright.

Green2, Bolton Banter

Can see us struggle next season. Nothing in our form suggests that we will do anything but struggle. Sorry we need a clear out asap from the chairman downwards.

The crowd cost us as well as Coyles poor decisions (taking Klasnic and Davies off). I wish people would concentrate on their own game instead of having half an ear on Citys match. There disappointment got through to the players, who then got nervous. I remember when we played Middlesbro and we were riding high 2 or 3 nil up. The game was in our hands and people were still wanting to know the West Ham score. The crowd that day showed their disappointment as west Ham went 1-0 up. That got through to the players that day and we conceeded a goal and likewise today.

We need to spend big in the summer or can see the worst happening.

BWFC_Insane, The Wanderer

I hope all the Rose tinters are happy now.

This has been coming since September.

Gutted today. Fans were amazing today. Players and management shite.

There is now no doubt about it, Coyle should have gone in November at the latest. He has failed miserably and massively.

Was booed at the end, I wonder if he will walk?

bdi, Bolton Banter

Although The Chanpionship will now have to be rebuilding, not certain if we can bounce back at the first attempt, even if we do have some parachute payments and saved wages from departing players to help in bringing in new players. Although even in The Championship, some players are probably already on as good wages as some of Bolton’s current squad.

Think that the youngsters like Riley, Vela, O’Halloran, Wylde, Obadeyi, Sordell etc., will need a full season in The Championship, before being anywhere near ready for The Premiership.

Even in The Championship, you need money to survive and improve, so what money is coming forward I have no idea, but if we could bounce straight back, then believe we can do it with a young squad, and a few experienced players thrown in.

IMO think we should keep SKD, since I believe his qualities will be a big asset.

Leyther_Matt, The Wanderer

This hasn’t happened today, this has been coming all season. Even when QPR collapsed, we didn’t do enough to stay up. The lack of bodies in the box when we got that run of corners late on was criminal.

Gutted for the fans that were there today, sounded like they gave the lads great support throughout.

One hell of a rebuilding job needed now.

The Fresh Prince, Bolton Banter

We have been relegated due to our form over 38 games (especially at home). I remember being at the QPR game at the start of the season and being so optimistic, the rest is history.

Honesty think Bolton is going to need a big rebuild over this summer as im sure we will loose a few players through contract expiry and retirements. Some big wages may be freed up however.

Im concerned that this summer is our biggest summer in the last 15 years. It will be make or break.

Anyway….im still sticking with Coyle but think thats another argument for a different day.

Im off to mope around for a couple of days!!!!

officer_dibble, The Wanderer

glad coyle got booed

Keep – Bogdan (he is learning), Riley, Ream, Wheater (no choice!), Ricketts (reduced terms), Nigel RC, Muamba (in hope), Pratley (no choice!), Eagles, Ngog (unless we get a daft bid, admittedly unlikely!), Sordell, Mears (no choice), Chungy (now he’s fit we may sell), Holden (no way will anyone sign him)

Unsure – Jussi (reduced terms, good back up?), Kevin Davies (reduced terms – who else will have him?), Mark Davies (the one player we may be able to convince someone to line our pockets for – I’d sell him in a heartbeat cos he is soft and has little end product)

Release – KNIGHT (feck off you c*nt), Petrov, Klasnic (he’d score goals down there but not with this team), Gardner, Robinslow, Sean Davies, Whoever did Sean Davis’ medical, Steinsson (our best right back but we are well stocked there), Tuncwho, Robbie ‘team spirit’ Blake, Boyata (I’d have him back next season though AS A CENTRE HALF), Myaichi (never make a footballer), Connoly, Obadeyi

Big changes this summer then.

Revelations, Bolton Banter

While relegation might spell the end for some, I believe it will do us good to build on what we’ve got without the rigour and demands which make-up an extremely tough Premier league, our wins per game ratio should go through the roof next season, holding on to squad members shouldn’t be too much of a problem – Jussi may go, Davies will stay, Petrov should stay (his family are settled) we may need to add a tough centre midfield signing, up front we’re pretty okay. We’ll have to wait patiently for next season, but Lee, Mavies, Reo-coker or Holden should all destroy most of next season’s midfield opposition. Sad day for us today, but it’s far from the end at BWFC, maybe not another 96-97 table-topping, record-breaking Championship demolition, relegation is the past and so promotion beckons. C.O.Y.W.M

Peter Thompson, The Wanderer

We’ve been sh*t since Wembley, and clueless has done fcuk all about it in two transfer windows – he’s way out of his depth, and his decisions alone this season have cost us our premiership status. Its no one else’s fault, this team of shitbags deserve to be relegated because they have been rubbish for the last 44 / 45 games

Fcuk off clueless and take your amateur back room cousins with you, fcuk off soft arsed ‘roll over’ and get your bellies tickled players and fcuk of Gartside, this has been coming for 3 years and you’ve sat back and employed 3 fcuking abysmal managers – hang your head in shame and fcuk off. Keep replacing quality players with sh*t and this is what you get – piss poor management throughout from Gartside through to Coyle….its now down to Eddie Davies to show his cards and fcuk these two wasters off

Clear the decks completely & get shut of all the wasters – and lets be honest the club is riddled with amateurs, chairman, manager, coaches (sorry Coyle’s mates) and piss poor players alike….

Let’s re group & start again and try and get back up, but not with Gartside & Coyle – both of you please fcuk off hopefully tonight !

christiep, Bolton Banter

We’re in a position where we cannot compete financially in the Premiership. Year on year we lose millions and millions just ‘trying’ to compete. We have a nucleus of young players at this club who if we keep we could come out of this a stronger football club. Bad decisions have been made but if we did stay up this season we would struggle next season. We have some good young players at this club- how can they develop if we continue to employ experienced pro’s like NRC, Robinson, Knight who take their place even though they’ve been average all of their careers.

I want to be proud of my football club but I’m not because I’ve had to spend the whole season watching utter garbage. It is now imperative that we keep Holden and Lee at this Club. If we do and keep a couple of experienced pros I can’t see anything other than us returning at the first time of asking.

Players I’d keep:

Chung Yong

Players I’d let go:

Unknown- K.Davies.

pagey_BWFC, The Wanderer

The awards night will be an absolute blast tonight…..

What do you put Bolton’s relegation down to? Have your say in the comments section below…