Blackburn 0-1 Chelsea: What the forums say…

Football Burp looks back over the weekend’s Premier League action, wonders what manner of buzz is sweeping through the notoriously fickle yet frequently entertaining world of online fans’ forums, reproduces a selection of comments for your delectation. Next up, the fallout from 4th-placed Chelsea’s 1-0 win at 19th-placed Blackburn Rovers

Blackburn Rovers 0-1 Chelsea
Lampard... Frank goodness (Image courtesy of Aleksandr Mysyakin)

Blackburn fans say…

“I might get ridiculed for this but we played bloody well today…defensively we looked very good…if we can play like this most games we will start picking up points and against lesser teams we will win games but Kean surely does not have much time left! We got Wigan next away from home…although going away to any team is never easy we need 3 points at Wigan as there either worse or as bad as us! Today though our full backs were quality…Lowe was amazing at the back and the way he defends is awesome…does not dive in and makes sensible decisions most of the time. The goal we conceded was poor as Hoilett let himself get beat way to easily and looking at the replay I think Hanley should of came across for Lampard. Fair play to the fans trying to get Kean out…hiring a plane to get a banner seen…I dont really agree with it but that is commitment lol!” – CMG_BBR, www.roverstalk.com

“We really should have got something out of this game but weren’t able to take our chances and again looked likely to concede every time this shadow of a Chelsea side came forward. I’m sure Kean will look for positives, and there are some from the performance, but the bottom line is we lost again and are now getting cut adrift. Ironic that us and Wigan are the bottom 2, on seeing their game today there are many similarities between the 2 teams. We both play nice football, neither has a proper goalscorer and both are weak when teams come at them. Difference might be that they have a far better manager. Expect a great game ending 0-0 in 2 weeks when we play them. Need to win at least 3 or 4 of the next 6 which are all winnable, surely the time is right for him to go.” – McClarky, www.brfcs.co.uk

“asides from the person subbed off i feel kean did ok today, could have made another sub towards the end i feel. I havent been one to say luck isnt on our side but today with samba having to go off was not ideal then we actually had a promising chance at a break and the ref blocked the pass and torres should have scored off it. We need someone to step it up up top now and start banging in a few goals. Yak i think proved he is too slow today and he should have scored…Lets hope samba is back for next game and kean choses the same lineup with maybe a different top man although the alternatives arent that great but i reckon give rochina a pop at it and simon on the right” – Newm12, www.roverstalk.com

Chelsea fans say…

“I see people are freaking out over Torres again, when just a few weeks back everyone was praising him for his recent goals and saying he was back. To be honest I don’t think he played bad yesterday. He made some great passes and did good runs as usual, but apart from his miss, he never had a chance to work with the ball inside the area. Both Mata and Sturridge missed some easy chances as well earlier in the game but of course no one is talking about those. To this day, I’ve never seen Sturrigde or Malouda make a decent pass to Torres (Anelka has his moments). Sturridge’s selfishness can be explained because of his youth I know, but Malouda doesn’t have that excuse anymore. AVB needs to adress this issue with the players, because I see Torres expecting passes (the kind of passes he has provided to his teammates), and when that doesn’t happen he gets frustrated and loses confidence. He had scored 4 goals in 4 games, had a few assists and had been playing great overall, and now that he hasn’t scored in the last 2/3 games everyone is writing him off again. I don’t get how some people can be so fickle ffs. We as fans can’t give him the same treatment the media does, we can only expect he scores in the next few matches (please let it be in the liverpool match) and along the team, is able to have a good season. I do agree in that he has to be more agressive though, to try to shoot for the goal instead of just passing the ball everytime. By the way, Sturridge is no doubt a great player, but I don’t think he’s the right choice for CF. The rythm of the game in general is better with Torres as the CF and Sturrige and Mata in the wings. Daniel tends to underperform in big games or when he’s given too much responsibility. And judging by the recent work rate and performances of the other Chelsea strikers, Torres really is the best player we have in that position.” – Leon, www.chelseafcforums.com

“Not a good or convincing performance by any means. You could even say we were lucky to come away with the three points. But a win is a win is a win. Positives, apart from the three points, is that we finally managed to keep a clean sheet. The BBC stats tell us that we had 60% of the possession but actually managed to create one fewer chance (8 each on target, 5-4 off target) than Blackburn. So again, it shows that possession doesn’t tell the whole story – it’s what you do with that possession. The international break couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m convinced this JT racist rubbish is having an effect on the team, just as the team Bridge affair saw our form dip drastically. The best thing that could happen, I feel is for the situation to be resolved by the time of the Liverpool game.” – Hutch, www.theshedend.com

“I have a real gripe with Mikel’s slow release of the ball and his poor tackling.But having said that tackling is one thing I don’t blame him for at all,for he never ever was a tackler.Good things he possesses are an excellent touch,good distribution and a very very very professional attitude and discipline.Still I think Romeu has a real chance to displace him from the team.Basically Romeu also has got an excellent touch and distribution but its his tackling,breaking up of play and earlier release of ball that gives him that extra bit for me.Oh and he also has the ability to drive up with the ball as we have seen sometimes.” – The Boas Constrictor, forums.cfcnet.co.uk