Best of the Web: Manchester United

Football Burp eyes the Premier League up and down and sees what each team’s supporters have to say about the weekend’s matches. Manchester United remain 2nd after an unconvincing 1-0 win over Sunderland at Old Trafford but the unveiling of the newly-named Sir Alex Ferguson Stand gave some cause for cheer…

Best of the Web: Manchester United
Ferguson... Stand delivered (Image courtesy of Ngocson.neu)

On the plus side…

“Geniunely filled up watching [the unveiling of the stand in Ferguson’s honour], what a sensational gesture by the club. What a manager, what a man. Every single one of us loves Sir Alex Ferguson”MUFCgal, www.redcafe.net

“Sir Alex Ferguson is an absolute legend he has won everything in the game To imagine Manchester United without the firey scot would be strange if hadnt been for Sir Matt Busby or Sir Alex Ferguson then Manchester United wouldnt be where they are now they transformed United into the club it is today I had the privilage to see so many of the worlds top class players play on the famous turf and in May this year I so David Beckham who was my role model growing up, Im just honoured to have a manager like Sir ALEX in charge because he just got what it takes and I hope all other Premiership clubs take note if you have faith in your manager and keep him for years to come anything can happen”Jonathan Whitaker, community.manutd.com

“Rooney could very well turn out to be an amazing attacking midfielder. He could be the next Gerrard. He needs to mature though. This position requires more discipline. If Rooney can calm down, stay fit over the next few seasons, he can do it. He possesses so many of the traits of a great attacking midfielder. It will be very interesting to see what happens.”RedDevilCanuck, www.redcafe.net

On the downside…

“Now I know that Berbatov has the talent but he drives me insane with his body language. Christ show some urgency at least look a little interested when the chips are down. I know he is never going to be a Rooney and or Tevez and run around but at least don’t look like your a super model refusing to get out of bed for less than 1000000 dollars. God dammit man your on a 100 000 pound a week look like you give a dam.”SAred, www.redcafe.net

“Ferguson has always set up his teams for the majority of the threat to come from the wings. Yes in the past we had better players in the centre of midfield than we have at present, but the philosophy was still the same, move the ball quickly and get it wide. The reliance on wing play has brought us all the success we’ve enjoyed over the past 20 years so to say it doesn’t work is a little unfair in my opinion. But I do agree that the reliance on the wing is what’s causing this dip in form at present because, put bluntly, none of Nani, Young, Welbeck or Valencia have played well for a good few weeks now. That’s what’s exposed the centre of midfield more so than usual, the fact that the areas where we are strongest just haven’t been quite right. Then in the last 2 weeks there’s been the experiment with the different system which is half working, half not at the minute. It’s given us some defensive stability again but at the expense of the attack. The balance is just off at the minute, but people forget it’s the same bunch of players that were brushing teams (good teams as well) aside early in the season. The City result has affected the mentality of the players, it was always going to, it’s just a case of allowing them the time to play their way back into confidence.” – MarcRed, community.manutd.com

“When we had Rio and Vidic at their peak. Vidic would attack the first ball and Rio would sweep behind. Now Rio lacks the mobility to do this effectively he now needs to be the one attacking the first ball with someone else covering in behind.”Commadus, www.redcafe.net