Aston Villa fans stare the grim spectre of relegation in the face

The Holte End at Villa Park
Will there be any Holte to the slide?

Aston Villa are one of only seven clubs not to have been relegated since the top flight changed its name back in 1992, but fifteen goals against and none for over the last three games have left the famous old Midlands club in a perilous-looking position. Football Burp visited online communities Villa Talk and The Villa Blog to see what the Villa Park faithful had to say about Paul Lambert and his inexperienced side…

Villa Talk


We’d get relegated from the championship with this squad


Our team isn’t good enough, because half of them were signed and given instruction by a manager who is not good enough. Get rid, no hard feelings.


Can’t remember being this worried about our premier league status before.

Not going to call for Lamberts head, though it might take a season in the championship to sort this out.


Looking forward to Swansea. Maybe we might concede less than three or even score.


We mustered a single goalscoring opportunity all game. Against Wigan. At home.

Lerner needs to open his wallet in January and Lambert needs to buy some defenders. Clark is our best defender at the moment, and he’s fucking shit. Reminds me of Chris Riggott.


Shite Christmas, poor result today but a team obviously shot of confidence after the Chelsea hammering which has set this all off and games coming thick and fast with not much time to work on the players, given their age that is what they need most, time between games.

No doubt the calls for lambert’s head will now come from many, like we need another new manager. That is one of the reasons why we are in trouble. That and Lerner being useless the last three years.

We have the right manager, results are not good but lambert is the man for us. Needs backing big style in january



I agree with alot of your sentiment but Lambert is to blame for this. We has set the formation up from in the last three games and it has cost us royally. Teams have been given too much space to press us down the wings because of the 532 formation. We got lucky in ways against Liverpool and more tactically aware managers have tore us a part. He started with the wrong formation/players today and didn’t do anything about it until we were 3-0 down.

With confidance being so low you don’t set out with three attacking midfielders that in front of a defense that has conceded 12 goals in two games.

Today it should have been 442 and with the players available

He needs to accept the blame and get it right.


that was appauling. Absolutely gutted that a team can show up in Villa shirts and play like that. against Wigan. at home.

If anyone is remotely positive about Villa after this then they need to just stop and think about what there is actually left to be positive about. We just got torn apart at home by one of the leagues worst sides


only improved once we changed the team around, something which should have been done at half time, something which was very very obvious

lets not keep making excuses, we are shit

15-0 tells us so

this will be the record amount of goals conceded in a season in the top flight at this rate

but hey ho lets celebrate that people like bent were kept out of the team even when we were still losing and not scoring

he has had the chance, he had most of his players at most stages so far, lambert has chosen who to drop and who to pick, this isnt about 1 game, this is about his poor decision making so far this season in around 60% of the league games

either get some players in and play fucking football or fuck off because the likes of lichaj who was truelly fucking terrible, he just stodd still like a scared rabbit in the head lights for all but 1 second he was on the pitch

lambert gets another 0 out of 10 from me, he is picking up a lot of these recently


I will rate them in grades of shit

Herd-Super shit
Bannan-Super shit
Ireland-Ultra Shit
Holman-Very shit
Weimann-Worked hard but shit end product
Benteke-No involved enough but shit when he was
Lichaj-So shit I forgot about him
Albrighton-Shit but looked good when he came on because of how shit everyone else was

By the way Paul, in 3 games where you played 3 central defenders despite ONLY HAVING ONE CENTRAL DEFENDER FIT you conceded 15 goals and scored zero, upon changing to a back 4 you managed to hold on to a nil nil draw whilst having a few shots against a very shit Wigan team. You work it out.


Devastated. Don’t know where the next point is coming from?

The Villa Blog


When you lose to Chelsea by eight, you can be concerned. When you then lose by four to Spurs, you have every right to be a little worried. When you then go out and lose by three to Wigan, you’ve got every right to question if the manager knows what he is doing.

What is this three at the back? How many of these youngsters developed playing three at the back? I can tell you that none of the Aston Villa academy players played three at the back and I doubt the likes of Bennett and Lowton did in the Championship.

Add to that, Lambert is the one that went out and brought in all the younger players that he will no doubt mention in is post-match conference. No dount he’ll also mention how he cant fault them for effort. Where have we heard all this blarney before?

No, he has no excuses. He is the one that is not playing some of the older players we have in the squad and he wasn’t interested in playing Bent when he was fit. I’m just not sure if it is because he is stubborn, inexperience or not aware. Or maybe a mixture of those because I’m seeing very little to even suggest why I can’t ask these questions.


Ok I’m as depressed as the next fan BUT look at the overall picture.

Look at that defence there is no one else we can play, we have 3 CB’s out to injury there’s nothing no one can do about that. I can see why he is persisting with 3 at the back as he’s trying his best to protect those 3 young lads as much as he can two who aren’t even CB’s. Herd and Lichaj are not NOT CB’s but he has no other choice but to play them clearly that’s where the biggest concerns are but there is nothing else he can do. He’s desperately waiting for vlaar to get back for just his experience alone and take the pressure off clark as he’s struggling without him.

I’ve stuck by Ireland for so long now desperate for him to come strong but when he gets a great chance to make a go of it he falls dramatically. He had no fight no desire and every time he lost the ball he stood there without any concern for chasing back to try and get it back, he just did not want to be in there today, so disappointed and every fan in the ground saw the same thing as he got booed as he walked off the pitch. Bannan unlike others here who don’t really rate him for me I do BUT he needs certain players around him for him to flourish IRELAND is not one of them, he needs grafters. We know he’s not a big bulky CM but for what he lacks he makes up for in his passing he at least tries to pass the ball he at least tries to chase the ball and for that I will stand by him.

I love Bentenke I really do but he’s frustrating at times not with his offsides but he just doesn’t think sometimes these constant easy passes he fails to do annoy me, just hold it wait and make the easy pass. We are so dependent on him as well every team knows we are constantly going to hit the ball to him and that is where we miss GABBY another player who people really under rate here. I really do feel he is are most important player because he fights for villa he’s villa through and through and never stops trying and we miss that, out of all are injured players he’s out I want back.

Away to swansea next a very very tough team, i’d take a point that is for sure. I would revert to 4-5-1. If vlaar or baker is back then herd comes out. Albrighton would start for me as he’s tried hard every time he’s came on and looks decent.

It’s tough times, it’s hard to watch and swallow but we must look at the overall picture, yes their young players but they are decent ,but are finding it hard without the guidance of such players like vlaar and gabby. We are struggling due to who are injured and not because we are too young and naive. I can see what Paul Lambert is wanting and trying to do, Rome was not built in a day overnight success does not exist. Yes you can have endless amount of money and be a man city but you could also very easily be a QPR.

I’m frustrated as you can easily tell but I will stick by him.


with out a doubt,,,, this has been a dreadfull year, we should have been relegated last season, a certain irishmans goals probably kept us up,,,,,,,,
with such a weak squad the injuries are killing us, hopefully vlar and dunne will be back soon to steady the ship,,,
no one saw this collapse comming, we were doing ok,,,, but it will be hard to come back from this
and he has to buy and loan and get it right, a couple of good players in midfield would help and take the pressure of the others who are underperforming,,,,,
one player i would get is downing back on loan,,,, and play him in center mid,,, he looks far more effective there and could link up with the forwards and get a goal or two, also huddlestone could be available and he may be worth a punt
anything would be better than what we have at the mo ,
i have no doubt lambert will have his own ideas,,, i just pray he gets it right,
we are not down,, we are half way through the season,,,,, he needs to get the confidence back and fast,,,
cup games are comming up,,,, can anyone see us winning one at the moment,,,,

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