Aston Villa 3-2 Norwich: What the forums say…

Football Burp looks back over the weekend’s Premier League action, wonders what manner of buzz is sweeping through the notoriously fickle yet frequently entertaining world of online fans’ forums, reproduces a selection of comments for your delectation. Next up, the fallout from Aston Villa 3-2 Norwich City

Aston Villa 3-2 Norwich City
Agbonlahor... Gift of Gab (Image courtesy of Dagur Brynjólfsson)

Aston Villa fans say…

“encouraging signs if i am honest. Can see eck bringing in his own defenders in January and shipping out a few. To me Collins and Dunne are both liabilities, Cuellar and clark should be playing as those two have done nothing this season to suggest they deserve to be starting. Over the moon for gabby – he’s awesome!” – flashingqwerty, www.villatalk.com

“sell him to anyone stupid enough and then if Jenas stays fit and shows the same class as he has done attempt to buy him after the loan (as long as Tottenham don’t ask for 50 mil). Also Herd is looking a fantastic player atm such does Clark (when he gets on) so we’d be doing some good business. He’s half arsed, doesn’t care and that’s how it comes across.” – holte ender#, www.avillafan.com/forum

“Expected to win, we did. Was it convincing, far from it. We could have been two down before we woke up. Norwich also picked holes in behind quite easily and once again, we showed that we do not know how to close out a game. Last 10, anything could have happened. Good points, Gabby was superb again but we cannot continue to rely on him as the supply line. Herd had a good game and Bent did what he did best. Collins, awful, second goal was Hutton malingering which left Ireland at right back. NZogbia is wearing blinkers and desperately needs a goal to let him relax and just play.” – macandally www.villatalk.com

Norwich fans say…

“We need to back the boys both on and off the pitch and get behind them when we play Arsenal and every other game for that matter. So what if Barnett did a back pass?, we are only human and he has been a good defender for us this season, the same goes for Naughton. I would feel sorry for Barnetts confidence if he was to read this forum in fact I would feel sorry for any player if they read any of the posts on here. We just got promoted and are still finding out feet, look where we were two years ago, League 1 and looking in mighty trouble, but all of that has been turned around, there is still plenty of this season left to go. Plenty more points up for grabs. So lets get behind the boys for every game and not slate them if they do have an off game.” – HoltsRightFoot, Pink ‘Un

“were the leeds fans right about Bradley Johnson? we can all see for ourselves that his passing is erratic and his shooting is sh1t. so what can he offer well PL seems to think hes the man and i can see where he is coming from. old habits die hard though and as of late they have crept back into his game. his role is quite simple – break up the play and a simple pass to fox. not break up the play and a defence spiting pass. and not break up the play, take the ball on and fire one into the top tier. im sure if BJ did exactly what PL bought him for he would play for england. may be he should watch some old videos of Brazil’s dunga” – moosegoose, Norwich City footymad.net forum

“Yesterday he was absolutely shocking. That boy has come so far under Lambert, and developed into a really complete player…Yesterday though, he reverted to type and consistently lost the ball through trying to take on the entire villa time, decided to try and skin the same player twice despite having the option to play others clean through and lost it, and then he could not be bothered to defend – even when he’d just got tackled he was ambling back barely above walking pace. Say what you like about his creativity, or it being the fact he played CM instead of the free role, but it had nothing to do with position, he just didn’t care and couldn’t be bothered yesterday, his attitude was terrible and his performance even worse. For the first time in a few years I can see exactly why Trappatoni doesn’t bother with him – on his day he is a game-changer, when it’s not his day he is a liability. Maybe a few games on the sidelines would get him interested again (maybe Houdini Martin can fill in that position)…” – kick it off, Pink ‘Un