Aston Villa 1-1 Everton: View from the message boards…

Who cares what a bunch of disinterested hacks have to say when you can get the skinny direct from those to whom it matters most? Well, good news: Football Burp collates choice message board analysis so you don’t have to! Here’s what Aston Villa and Everton fans had to say in response to the two sides’ fairly drab 1-1 draw at Villa Park on Saturday…


From AVFC Forums…

To summarise; We play good, yet draw, McLeish is clueless. We don’t make subs when we’re having the best spell of the game, and McLeish is clueless. We play decent football and have the better of the play, it’s only a point, McLesih is clueless. The Holte End is out of coffee, McLeish is clueless. 80% of these negative comments have no substance, I watched the game and we dominated possession, had the better chances, created some superb openings and generally looked lively throughout…. but comparing to some comments, you’d think we just lost 10 nil to MK Dons the way people go on. Yes I understand, if you look for negatives you will find them, it isn’t hard to find a statistic to ‘back’ your case…..VP was like a morgue yesterday and I only hope possible investors don’t think twice.” – TanserMan

“TanserMan :- Don’t wanna start a row , but we are clueless m8 . Possesion means absolutly nothing, tip tapping it from our goal-line to the halfway line then back is possesion, but doing absolutly nothing creative. There is no link up play , no player that can , or is allowed to take the game by the scruff of the neck ,and produce a decent forward pass . We seem obsessed with playing the game in our half week in week out all oppersition are just sitting back watching us do nothing then scoreing on the break . We have one of the fastest forwards in the prem , and don’t use that natural speed , we have poosably the best ” fox in the box ” in the prem yet don’t play balls into there 18 yrd box to feed the man with chances . Mctwat just plays boreing , boreing football week in week out it would seem that every game he sets out the side for a draw @ best, we never seem to go for a win . A defeat is blamed on the same reason every time . Attendences will drop cause fanz go to see the team win , not draw , fanz go to be entertained not bored shitless for 90 mins . This ” style of football ” is O’deary ” but worse, far worse . I won’t pay my money to watch this dross it isn’t a protest in any shape , or form on my part i just have better things to spend my hard earned cash on than watching players not even try , and a manager who imo really doesn’t give a rats arse either way . Finances for future players will suffer it’s been said well perhaps if Learner had reinvested the sales money rather than hoarding it away we would come to watch the team .” – rustynutz

From Villa Talk…

“Ok a point stops the rot at home but this was a game we could and should have won. Lets not forget we were playing an Everton riddled with injuries. Typical Villa in the sense that we dominated for periods of the game, only managed to score a single goal, then gave away a sloppy goal and then looked like conceding another. When we get the ball in the oppositions box our finishing needs to be much more clinical. For me the major plus was Ireland who was outstanding but in a formation that clearly does not work. I still think we are getting out muscled in midfield too much. Swansea absolutely destroyed us in that area. We were better yesterday but I can’t help but think we need a real enforcer in front of the back four. As for Villa Park the crowds get worse and worse. Less than 32,000 and Everton sold their whole allocation. It was a home game at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon FFS. Added to that the atmosphere was shit too. The club must be worried about this surely?” – Harry

“Well I predicted a bore draw and I wasn’t wrong was I.  I am very very surprised Ireland has got Motm, and I am flabbergasted it was by an enormous amount. Granted, Ireland had a very good 20 minute spell, and this period ended up with us scoring, but in the first half he was non-existant. In fact, Fellaini played our entire midfield off the park on his own ! Now, Given ! , if it wasn’t for him, no matter how close the teams were in terms of ability, would have ended up 5-1 !!!. He made at least 3 world class saves (including one from his own player) and a couple of fortunate ones. Given was Motm by a mile. Overall, it was crap, you cant say any different. The entire defence is shambolic. Albrighton ended up centre half for their goal, why ? , because Collins sprtinted about 50 yards onto the wing, missing his challenge and then being caught in no mans land. The unbelievable thing was, he did exactly the same about 2 mins after they scored, only to be bailed out by Given ! Plus points were Albrighton , Clark and Bent and about 35 mins of Ireland – anyone who even thinks about selling Bent need a S136 Mental Health Assessment – we would be relegated without him without a shadow of a doubt. Minus – the defence just needs ripping up and starting again. Gabby, well if he was any further back in the second half he would have been in the One Stop ! , and the fact that is 2 very winnable home games that have resulted in just 1 point, just at the time Blackburn have picked up. I’m worried.” – holtelower

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Everton forward Victor Anichebe scored the equaliser against Aston Villa
Anichebe... Anichebequaliser (Image: The Bohs)


From Grand Old Team…

“I actually don’t think we played very well, our goal threat seemed worse than usual. IMO Villa were the better team but that isn’t saying much. Both teams just looked sloppy. Saha and Cahill were a major disappointment today and the reason why I think we played poorly. Saha was unlucky with that header and the penalty call but other than that he didn’t do much at all. Tim’s shot at the end summed up his performance for me. I’m starting to get fed up with them which I hate because they have been great players for us in the past. They need to be put on the bench, if not for their sakes then for the fans. Drenthe had a shocker but his defending improved, probably still getting over his illness. Felli wasn’t horrible but no where as good as he usually is. Gibbo looks good, he faded a bit but he looks like he might bring something to the starting 11. That was an amazing pass to Cahill, should’ve had a assist. I think he will give Rodwell some competition. Duffy slotted in just fine. His personality really comes out on the pitch. He’s loud and aggressive and knows how to defend. His distribution wasn’t so great but neither is Jag’s or Distin’s and this is his first start after all. I actually thought he was on par with Johnny (not one of his best games) and maybe even slightly better. Don’t think he missed a header today. He is definitely a player. I really like him and hope we see more of him. Anichebe really surprised me today. He got a goal (fantastic finish) and had a incredible work rate. I think it was the first time I’ve been worried about him getting an injury. Seems like he has got a bit of form right now, he looks dangerous. Donovan was boss.” – slimspek

“OK game. We played Villa, we drew, who saw that coming? That was the 1st time I got to see Donovan this year. Is it me or is he no worse than the 3rd best player on the side already? MOTM by far. Fellani did well in defense too. Gibson didn’t look bad, might be a decent addition. What gets me fuming about this team is that I know we have goal scoring problems but there were a few times Donovan had the ball in excellent position and no one in the box to pass it to. The was one instance in the 75th min in which he must of sat there for a good 4-5 seconds and no one showed up. Cahill. It is not going to get better is it? It’s highly depressing to see a great and loyal player end his career like this.” – Rook

From NSNO…

“Howard 6 – erratic to say the least today but also pulled off some smart, if unconventional saves.

Baines 6 – some good stuff at times and defended hard but seemed to make a conscious decision to sit back a bit more today. Should have been on ALL set pieces.

Heitinga 5 – thought Johnny was erratic today as well. Some excellent tackles second half but strange decisions and clumsy at times.

Duffy 7 – solid throughout clearing the danger well. He is like a young Jags! Reassured that he could make it in the first team.

Neville 5 – threw in a few good tackles early on but really struggled to contain Agbonlahor’s pace and nothing going forward. Like it or not, we miss Hibbert.

Drenthe 4 – a short spell of winning free kicks aside, has a terrible game losing possession frequently, poor passing and terrible set pieces. Not sure he is fit for 90 minutes. Looked a little better when drifted to the right.

Fellaini 7 – solid aside from a couple of sloppy passes early on. Spread the ball well and did a lot of good defensive work.

Gibson 6 – a solid, unspectacular debut with plenty of promise. Passed the ball well apart from one disastrous early long range ball. Seemed to be playing quite deep, will be interesting to see what he can do further forward.

Donovan 8 – endless running throughout. Really impressed with his defensive play again and always looked a threat going forward. His directness and ability to pass and cross a ball was excellent. MOTM.

Cahill 5 – worked hard throughout and linked well with the midfield. Didn’t get forward enough thou.

Saha 4 – I felt sorry for him tbh, I don’t think he was lacking in the effort many accuse him of it just simply isn’t happening for him. Continuing to miss shots and run into players.


Anichebe 7 – came on and drove forward capped with a well taken goal. Heart was in my mouth when he twisted his knee! Deserves a start if he is fit enough.

Bily n/a – little time to make an impact. Worked hard.

Stracqualarsi n/a – made a nuisance of himself for a few minutes.

Moyes 8 – very impressed with the starting lineup with the only argument being the Cahill and Saha partnership. The positivity in the selection buoyed fans and we were the better side. Inspired sub got us a point that was the least we deserved.” – Silas

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