Yaya Touré wonder goal still happening

Ivorian superman dancing through Villa's defence as we speak.

Scorer of the latest Yaya Touré wonder goal
Touré… Get ready to splutter superlatives (Image: DossT56)

It’s the latest Yaya Touré wonder goal that’s got everyone crowing, and latest reports indicate that it’s still happening.

The Ivorian, mesmerising, remains in the process of scoring a magnificent solo effort against Aston Villa at the time of going to press.

Manchester City crushed Paul Lambert’s mass of unknowns 4-0 last night to move back to the top of the Premier League – and Football Burp understands that Touré is still out there scoring the fourth.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Lambert explained his plan to counter the threat of a Yaya Touré wonder goal by throwing a succession of former Villa greats onto the field of play.

He said: “I’ve just waved on Dalian Atkinson and Shaun Teale, bringing us up to a total of 18 men.

“That’s also including Savo Milosevic, Juan Pablo Angel, Julian Joachim, Alan Wright and Ulysses de la Cruz, in case you were wondering.

“Doesn’t seem to be doing much good yet, but surely it’s a statistical inevitability that we’ll eventually bring on enough men to stop him.

“We wanted to get Dwight Yorke on but David Unsworth accidentally kicked him in half.

“He was only bloody here for five minutes – kicks Yorke in half, looks at his phone, says ‘oh crikey it’s the wife’ and scarpers to his car.

“I don’t even think his phone was ringing.”

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