Worms deny being eaten by Sean Dyche

Invertebrates corroborate Burnley manager's account in a joint statement.

Burnley manager Sean Dyche denied eating worms
DENIAL: Dyche (Image: Kelvin Stuttard)

Worms have denied being eaten by Sean Dyche after the Burnley manager was forced to deny that he eats them, Football Burp understands.

The shock accusation was made by Soren Andersen, a former team-mate of Dyche’s at Bristol City, but the Clarets boss poured scorn on the suggestion.

Dyche then denied pouring scorn on former team-mates’ erroneous quotes, explaining he preferred to laugh them off or hit back at them.

In a joint statement, worms were unequivocal in their support for Dyche.

They said: “As you can see, we are entirely uneaten by Sean Dyche.

“We like to play the odd prank on him – posing as a bowl of spaghetti Bolognese and waiting on his desk, that sort of thing – but it’s just a bit of harmless banter.

“The bottom line is we’ve always enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Sean and, in addition to him never eating us, we’ve never eaten him.

“Hopefully this settles the matter once and for all, because it was quite a shock to wake up this morning to headlines about us being eaten by Sean Dyche.

“You can only imagine how many panicked phone calls we had to field from family and friends. There was even a ‘mark yourself safe’ feature on WormBook!

“We can see the funny side though. Worms are famously good-humoured invertebrates.”