Wilfried Bony Man City transfer makes small child cry

News of hero's departure proves too much for young Swansea supporter.

Wilfried Bony Man City transfer makes child cry
SAD: Child (Image: David Shankbone)

It’s the Wilfried Bony Man City transfer that’s had everybody jiving, but spare a thought for the small child who burst into tears when Football Burp told him the news just now.

Rhodri, 6 and a half, was stopped in the street on account of his wearing a 2014-15 Swansea City home shirt with ‘Wilfried 10’ on the back and pressed for his thoughts on the Ivorian striker’s reported £30m move to the Etihad.

The news of his hero leaving in a rather more permanent arrangement than a mere African Cup of Nations campaign proved too much for young Rhodri, who immediately welled up with tears and sobbed uncontrollably into his father’s arms.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Rhodri’s father remained philosophical.

He said: “What the hell do you think you’re doing coming up to my son in the street and telling him his idol is signing for Manchester City?

“I don’t care if it is true, you can’t just come out of nowhere and spring news of a Wilfried Bony Man City transfer on him like that, especially live on television. Is this live?

“Shh…there there, son…it’s okay…shh shh! We’ll get Michu back to replace him, and he’ll score lots of goals and we’ll win the League Cup again.

“Look what you’ve done. You monster.”

Wilfried Bony was unavailable for comment.