Wigan fans inadvertently will Greggs on fire with song about star striker

Town centre branch burnt to ground amidst celebrations of Grigg's shock FA Cup winner against Man City.

This Greggs is not in Wigan or on fire
BLAZE: Bakery (Image: Mtaylor848)

At least one Greggs has burnt down as a result of Wigan fans singing “Will Grigg’s on fire” following the striker’s winner against Man City, police have confirmed.

A town centre branch of the bakery chain was lost to a blazing inferno when Latics supporters inadvertently willed it on fire while celebrating their shock win in the FA Cup 5th round.

Although the blaze is said to have smelled “amazing”, the loss of the Greggs was nevertheless keenly felt in a town that prides itself on containing as many savoury baked goods as possible at all times.

In a joint statement, Wigan fans said: “With hindsight, we regret letting our joy at a famous cup upset get the better of us.

“We pledge to use our apparent powers of psychokinesis for good causes, like pasty home delivery services, and not for evil ones, like reducing perfectly good pasties to ash.

“See you at Wembley, punks.”