Wenger Spoof Take 2: Wenger in Toyless Egg Shock

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger didn't get a toy in his Kinder Surprise
Kinder Surprise! There's no toy in the capsule, Monsieur

Okay, so Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger bought a Kinder Surprise, right, and there wasn’t a toy inside it, or something.

The Frenchman, French, was then left aghast as he tipped out the dregs of a box of Weetos in expectation of a prize – as advertised on the packaging, a plastic Shrek figurine or something equally lame – that was not forthcoming.

According to a source, Wenger then went to the bookies and watched the horse racing for a bit before leaving without placing a bet, and therefore foregoing any chance of reaping dividends.

A pal said: “That’s marginally better, but still fairly pointless.”

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